Tietgen Kollegiet

Tietgen Kollegiet is a newer residence hall built in Copenhagen on Amager, which is close to the City Center. Tietgen Kollegiet is primarily for Danish students; however, 10% of the rooms have been reserved for International students.  

Tietgen Kollegiet

Repairs will take place from spring 2024 - You might be relocated

Unfortunately, extensive damage has occurred to the water pipes at the dorm.  Necessary repairs will take place from Spring 2024 and onwards.

These repairs will require relocation of students to other parts of the dorm. This means that there is a risk of being relocated to another room for an expected period of up to six weeks.

During the relocation period it cannot be guaranteed that the room size will be similar to the one you have reserved.  We regret however that it will not be possible to compensate you for this.

Important information for applicants

No residents over 30 years of age
Tietgen Kollegiet does not permit any residents who are aged 30 or over. If you are 30 years of age before or after you apply via the CBS housing application system for a room at Tietgen, your reservation will be cancelled.

Attend welcome dinner and upload description of yourself
It is a condition of being allocated to a room at Tietgen Kollegiet, that you attend a welcome dinner and upload a photo and description of yourself to the Tietgen Kollegiet internal intranet.

Important to be active member of community
At Tietgen Kollegiet it is considered very important to be part of the community; to join in communal and group activities and social events. In the common kitchens, students are expected to take part in the collective organisation. It is a condition of being a resident of Tietgen Kollegiet that one is an active member of the community. The majority of students at Tietgen are younger and many of the activities reflect this.

Type of accommodation

The residence has 6 floors with a total of 360 rooms. CBS has access to 18 single rooms for exchange students.


All prices are shown in Danish kroner. 

  • PDF icon Summer 2024
    The minimum rental period for Summer University is one month. It is not possible to rent for shorter periods.
  • PDF icon Autumn 2024

Monthly services include: internet access, furnishings, kitchen equipment, duvet, pillow, linens, access to/use of common areas and laundry services (where applicable), housing administration and inspector service. Utilities (i.e. electricity, water and heating) are included in the room rent.


They rooms vary in size from 26 to 33 square meters as follows:

  • Three rooms at 26 sq. meters
  • Ten rooms at 29 sq. meters
  • Five rooms at 33 sq. meters


All rooms are furnished.  It is not possible to change or remove any of the furniture.


Students are expected to clean their own rooms, bathrooms and kitchens.


Each room has an en-suite bathroom.


There are "community kitchens" that are shared by 12 people. The kitchens are fully equipped.


Laundry facilties are available on the ground floor. Laundry costs are not included in the rent. You will be informed further about the laundry at the residence, in the reception.


It is possible to access the Internet via Wifi. You will receive more information about Internet access upon arrival. Computers are not provided. 


Tietgen Kollegiet is situated in Amager, close to the City Center. Close to the Metro stop, Islands Brygge and Universitetet, from where it takes about 10-12 min to reach CBS buildings. There are also 5 different bus stops close to the residence and also a night bus.


The residence has a parking cellar for cars and motorbikes. In order to use the cellar you need a permission which you can get from the reception at the residence.  If you need to rent a place in the cellar, the people in the reception will explain the further details after your arrival.  There is also bicycle parking which you can also enquire about at reception.

The rooms assigned to CBS at Tietgen Kollegiet are only available to registered CBS international exchange students. International students in full time education at CBS must to apply directly to the dorm.

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