Welcome programme and cultural immersion

Welcome programme and cultural immersion

To prepare for your life and studies in Copenhagen, make sure to check out Life in Copenhagen. Also, see the guides below on preparing your arrival and time at CBS.

As an incoming exchange student, you also have the opportunity to participate in certain activities specifically for you.

Welcome Programme

Prior to 1 September / 1 February, we will be running a two-week welcome and orientation programme (2-3 mandatory days). The purpose of the programme is to ease your integration process, to help you build a social network and to introduce you to Danish culture, Copenhagen and CBS.

Find specific date under Exchange Calendar.

Mandatory info meetings spiced up with social and cultural activities
In the week leading up to the start of the semester, there will be social and cultural activities as well as mandatory information meetings. You will be given important academic and practical information, including information about courses and exams, housing rules and regulations, as well as a tour of the CBS campus and the city.The mandatory activities take place over the course of 2-3 days, are free of charge and are mixed in with the social and cultural activities, which make up our non-mandatory Exchange Social Programme (fee-based package deal). As it is a package deal (including various activities during the semester), the events are not available for separate purchase. A trip to Berlin is also arranged - if enough exchange students sign up for it.

Danish Crash Course
Two weeks before the start of the semester, we offer a Danish Crash Course. The focus is to introduce you to Danish language and society; the language you will hear and use in everyday life, when for instance greeting people, shopping, using public transport and visiting attractions in Copenhagen.

The crash course week also has a social and cultural programme: the Crash Course Week Social Package (fee-based package deal). This is an evening activity programme, which is a supplement to the Danish language course which is offered during the daytime; however, participation does not require that you also sign up for the language course.

Attendance to the course is optional, and there is a price to be paid for the course.

Buddy Programme


What is a Buddy? 
At CBS, you will be able to participate in the Buddy Programme.  A Buddy is a CBS student (Danish or an international student) who volunteers to help one or more of our exchange students. The CBS Buddy will pick you up upon arrival and show you to your new home and help you get through the first few weeks in your new surroundings.

What does it mean to have a Buddy?
It means getting help with those first necessary, but sometimes confusing, things that need to be done right away - before you are used to your new surroundings: getting a CPR number, advice on shopping and other practical matters.

How do I get in contact with my Buddy?
Before leaving for Denmark, you will receive an email with the name and contact information of your Buddy. It is important that you get in touch with your CBS Buddy and tell your arrival time and place (flight number, if applicable).


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to make a separate application for the Buddy Programme?

Yes. In July (autumn semesters) / December (spring semesters), information about the application for a buddy will be sent to your CBS email account.



When will I know who my Buddy is?



In late July / late December, information about your Buddy will be sent to your CBS email account.

Please make sure that you have access to your CBS email over the summer / Christmas holidays, since we will be sending the Buddy information and other important information as well.

When is the last accepted arrival date in Copenhagen?





Arrivals later than the beginning of the mandatory introduction programme cannot be accepted.

If you have problems meeting these requirements, please inform Team Inbound via our helpdesk.

Who should I contact regarding my arrival time in Copenhagen?









You should send your arrival information to the following persons no later than 5 August for the autumn semester and no later than 5 January for the spring semester:

  • The Buddy Programme Coordinators (using the arrival form that will be sent to you by the Buddy Programme Coordinators)
  • Your CBS Buddy
  • If you have private housing, your landlord or landlady.

Please include information on your flight number (or train), which company you are travelling with and the date and time of your arrival.

Will there be someone there to meet me when I arrive?



Yes, if you arrive right before or during the two welcome weeks. Please contact your CBS Buddy prior to your arrival, so he/she will meet you at the airport (or train station) and help you find your residence in Denmark.


After the key pickup in August and in case of problems, you can contact the Buddy Coordinators at (+45) 41852216. You will be informed about the opening hours closer to the arrival point.


You can also contact the International Office at (+45) 3815 3006. Please keep in mind that CBS International Office is only open during normal office hours: Monday - Thursday from 9:30 to 12:00. Closed on weekends and Danish public holidays.

Will my CBS Buddy contact me before my departure?



No. Prior to your arrival, YOU should contact your CBS Buddy to let him/her know when you will arrive in Copenhagen.

If you have not been able get in touch with your Buddy one week before your expected date of departure, please contact the CBS Buddy Programme Coordinators.

Additional questions?


Please feel free to email us at buddy.intoff@cbs.dk and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
Learning Danish

Danish Crash Course

You have the option of enrolling in the Danish Crash Course, which is a one-week intensive beginner’s language course. It takes place during the welcome weeks and attendance is optional; see details above.

For information about registration and payment, read more here.

Semester Danish language course

It is also possible to study Danish throughout the semester; you can choose the 7.5 ECTS course Danish - Integrated Skills as one of your courses - or as an extra course. It is an introduction to Danish language and culture, suitable for beginners. The course is not suitable for Swedes or Norwegians, as the level is too low for students who speak Swedish or Norwegian.




Your guides to CBS and Copenhagen

Studying abroad can in many ways be a life changing experience. As a new student at CBS, and as a foreigner in Denmark, you might often find yourself out of your comfort zone. To help you with the transition, you can make use of the two useful guides available to you.

These guides will answer some of the questions that you might have before coming to Copenhagen as well as during your stay.

  • The PDF icon Anticipating Arrival Guide will prepare you for your encounter with Denmark and what to consider prior to your exchange.
  • The PDF icon Smooth Studies Guide will give you practical advice for upon your arrival, as well as tips and tricks on how to get the best out of your stay while here. 

Inside each guide you will find details specific to your situation, whether you are coming to CBS as a full-degree student (bachelor or graduate), freemover student, or as an exchange, CEMS or Double Degree student.


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