CEMS / Master's in International Management

The CEMS Master's in International Management (MIM) programme is a one-year Master programme in the field of international management. It is a joint degree programme delivered by 34 of the best business schools around the world in cooperation with approximately 70 leading corporations. The content of the programme is practice-oriented, advanced and takes place in the second year of your MSc studies. At the end of your studies, you will obtain a MSc degree from Copenhagen Business School as well as the CEMS Master's in International Management degree.

Presentation of CEMS Master’s in International Management (MIM)

The CEMS MIM is a double degree programme you are eligible to apply for if you are a first semester student in one of the following degree programmes at CBS:

The aim of the CEMS MIM programme is to increase your knowledge and understanding of fundamental issues within international management. The programme is designed to build a bridge between theory and practice. CEMS MIM enables you to study international management in an international and intercultural environment, as the CEMS student cohort is a mix of CBS students, as well as exchange students from the CEMS partner schools.

The CEMS MIM was ranked number 13 in the 2020 Financial Times ranking of Master's in International Management.


The elements of the CEMS MIM

The CEMS MIM is a one year programme that includes the following mandatory elements:

A mandatory semester abroad at a CEMS school
You get the opportunity to study one semester abroad at one of our CEMS partner universities.  The semester abroad will be undertaken either in Term 1 or Term 2, and the CBS CEMS administration will delegate the placement. We cannot guarantee a placement in your preferred term abroad.

Two mandatory courses (15 ECTS)
One course in Global Strategic Management (7.5 ECTS) and one course in Global Leadership (7.5 ECTS)

CEMS elective courses (30 ECTS)
At CBS, you can choose from a large portfolio of electives each semester. During your semester abroad, the electives on offer will depend on the CEMS partner university you attend. The electives on offer will vary to some extent from year to year.
Business Project (15 ECTS)
The business project is a ‘real-life’ consulting problem for one of our corporate partners that you will solve in a multicultural team.
Block Seminar (3 ECTS)
You will complete an intense 1-week block seminar at the beginning of your CEMS year.
Global Citizenship Seminar (1 ECTS) This 2 day seminar takes place in the beginning of your second semester. The Global Citizenship Seminar brings together representatives from Corporate and/or Social partners, professors and students, for an experiential learning opportunity. Students will have the opportunity to explore personal responsibility in the context of being a future leader/manager, starting to better understand her/himself, their personal values, their impact on decision making, and how this in turn affects other people.
Skill Seminars (2 ECTS)
Skill seminars focus on soft skills within areas such as leadership, presentation and communication techniques, business coaching and negotiation. The skill seminars run every semester and they are usually intense, practice-oriented seminars in small groups of maximum 20 students. SS
An international internship of minimum 8 weeks will be instrumental in converting your theoretical knowledge into practical experience and skills.
Testing of your second foreign language
If you are selected for CEMS MIM with a B1/B1 in Language 2 and/or 3, you do not necessarily fulfill the CEMS MIM graduation requirement. B1/B1 level language courses and tests are valid for graduation if they are taken maximum two years before the start of the CEMS MIM.  If your test is older than that, you can opt to fulfill the language graduation requirement through a variety of options, which you can read more about on cems.org.



The CEMS Master’s in International Management is a one year programme which you study in combination with your MSc degree from CBS. The CEMS MIM takes place in the second year of your studies in your third and fourth semester.
The programme is flexible in relation to course selection as CEMS MIM offers you a range of electives in a number of different areas. This gives you the opportunity to shape your own individual profile in combination with your CBS Master’s degree. Jointly, the different elements of the programme develop your academic knowledge, your soft skills and your practical experience.


A distinguishing factor of the programme is that it brings together all stakeholders (schools, companies, students and alumni). Also it is the most international management programme on the market. Furthermore, the CEMS MIM in itself is an addition to your CBS degree.

CEMS MIM Year Graphic


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