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Answers to practical information and what to consider 

Spring 2024: Your room will be available from 12 noon on 12 January until 12 noon on 12 June 2024.
Summer 2024:  Your room will be available from 12 noon on 21 June 2024.
Fall 2024:  Your room will be available from 12 noon on 16 August until 12 noon on 31 December 2024.
Bed linen
In all the student residences duvets and pillows as well as bed linen and towels are provided in the form of a "Start Package". The package contains a duvet, a pillow, a sheet, a pillow case, a duvet cover, 2 towels and 2 tea towels. The price is included in the rent and the "Start Package" will be in your room upon arrival.
Cleaning and laundry service
Students are expected to clean their own rooms, bathrooms and kitchens. There is no cleaning or laundry service.
CBS Housing Team does not receive any payments and can therefore not refund deposits. Payment of rent goes directly to the administrators.

How to get your deposit back
The administrators of the student residences will refund the deposit approximately 8 weeks after the end of the rental period. You must fill out your bank information according to the check-out information in the e-mail you will receive a few weeks prior to the end of the semester.
Broken or missing items will be deducted from your deposit.
You cannot receive a discount by paying your total rent for the whole period at once, but you may save yourself some time, effort and fees if the payment for the whole semester is made on one occasion. 

Please note that CBS Housing Team does not receive any payments. All payments are made directly to the owner or administrator of your dorm.
Environment - Lively vs quiet

Lively environment
When trying to decide if a residence hall is the housing solution for you, you should keep in mind that it is a great way to meet people, there is always somebody around, and if you make an effort this is a great opportunity to get to know people from all over the world.

Quiet environment
However, it is also important to be aware that all the people and the many activities can sometimes be overwhelming. So, if you prefer to study in your room and it has to be absolutely quiet, then maybe a large residence hall is not the right place for you. There are smaller residences available. You will find these Student Residences described as "smaller" with a shared kitchen and bathroom.

Furniture and kitchen utensils
All rooms are fully furnished with a bed, a table, a chair, a closet, lamps etc. The kitchens are equipped with basic utensils for cooking and eating. Missing items should be reported to the owner of the residence
Overnight guests are not permitted. Only the person named on the Room Reservation is permitted to stay in the room.
International environment
Please be aware that unless otherwise noted under the specific residence hall, you will not be living with Danish students but instead with other international students.
Internet access
All rooms in Student Residences have access to the Internet. Most of the dorms have Wifi.

Please note: It is not permitted to use a WIRELESS ROUTER. By this we mean a router which is plugged into the internet outlet in the wall which allows your laptop to operate "wireless". It is also not permitted to download film or music which take up large amounts of bandwidth.

In dorms with only ethernet cable access, shared rooms have "switchers" which allow both occupants to access the internet simultaneously.

Internet cables are not provided. Students must purchase these themselves. Shops which sell internet cables are for example Elgiganten and TDC or any shops selling mobile phones or computers etc.
Montly services

Monthly services include: internet access, furnishings, kitchen equipment, duvet, pillow, linens, access to/use of common areas and laundry services (where applicable), housing administration and inspector service. Utilities (i.e. electricity, water and heating) are included in the room rent.

All the residences are non-smoking.
Respect your neighbours 

Many student residences are located in the midst of regular residential areas. Show consideration for your neighbours and avoid playing loud music outside of your room.

The student residences are all self-catering. There are no food plans.
Shared room
In a shared room there are two beds in one room, which is why the rent per person is typically lower than for a single room. If your room number is followed by an A or a B, this generally indicates you will be living in a shared room.

Choosing a room mate
The Housing Application system does not allow you to choose your own room mate.  If there is someone you particularly want to share a room with, both parties must write to the Housing Department housing.intoff@cbs.dk to request this.
None of the residences have a telephone.


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