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Strategic framework agreement

CBS enters into a strategic framework agreement from 2022-2025 with the Minister for Higher Education and Science.

During the term of the agreement from 2022 to 2025, CBS will focus on the following five strategic goals:

  1. Ensuring that CBS’ knowledge plays a part in solutions to big societal issues
  2. Ensuring that CBS graduates acquire skills that match the future needs of the business community
  3. Increasing diversity among staff and students at CBS
  4. Fostering the academic development and wellbeing of CBS students
  5. Ensuring that CBS promotes lifelong learning and leads the way in the development of the “learning society”

Download the strategic framework contract from the link above.

Yearly status report

Once a year in April CBS will publish a status report on the strategic framework contract. The yearly status reports can be found below:

PDF icon CBS Statusredegørelse 2022 Strategisk Rammekontrakt (Danish)

PDF icon CBS statusredegørelse 2023 strategisk rammekontrakt.pdf (In Danish)

Earlier status reports

Below is the report on the Strategic Framework Agreement 2018-2021

PDF icon Status on the Strategic Framework Agreement 2018-2021 (Danish)

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