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Make use of benefits and offers from CBS and foster lifelong connections with other alumni.

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Alum is the term for a graduate. CBS Alumni is for graduates who have a degree from CBS, including exchange students who have completed at least one semester (15 ECTS) at CBS.

CBS Alumni is part of Copenhagen Business School’s efforts to create and maintain a close relationship to our alumni. The relationship aims to be beneficial for alumni but also for CBS and thereby the students.

Through CBS Alumni you can stay connected to former fellow students, participate in professional and social events and gain access to a range of benefits and offers.


As a member of CBS Alumni you can maintain and expand your network and gain insights into how other alums make use of their education. You can do that by for example participating in alumni events, get involved in an alumni association, or engage in the CBS Alumni LinkedIn group.


CBS Alumni organises everything from seminars with the most recent academic knowledge to Thursday bars, and as an alum you can take part in both professional and social events with other alumni. See the coming alumni events and other CBS events. If you want to stay updated, you can register to receive news about alumni events as well as getting the opportunity to engage in the CBS Alumni LinkedIn group.


You get access to a range of benefits and offers, such as library services and special offers on magazines and products from publishers.

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