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Art at CBS

CBS Art Strategy

CBS is currently working on art strategy, which should mirror our ambitions in goals connected to art.


CBS Arts Committee

CBS Arts Committee assists the president of CBS in relation to all art related tasks and initiatives.

Members of the CBS Arts Committee are:

  • Per Holten-Anders (chairman)
  • Christoffer Faurschou (CBS Art student organization)
  • Dorrit Bergqvist (CBS Art Club, staff association)
  • Finn Junge-Jensen (Former President of CBS)
  • Philipp Alexander Ostrowicz (Senior Research Adviser, CBS)
  • Pierre Guillet de Monthoux (Professor CBS/SSE)
  • René Steffensen (CBS Campus Director)
  • Trine Bille (Professor, CBS)


To contact CBS Arts Committee please send a mail to: pao.research@cbs.dk

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