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“Aesthetic experience makes you think creatively – that is good for both individual and democratic development, which has also a social dimension." – a message formulated already in 1934 by American pragmatist philosopher John Dewey.

Mission and Vision


For many years, art has been of great significance to CBS. Both through an extensive art collection with many contemporary artworks integrated in the buildings, but also as an inspirational subject for CBS’ research and educational programmes art has played an increasingly important role for the university. In this strategy ART is definied inclusively and in a broader context and includes visual arts, music, design, architecture and performing arts.

Art at CBS is closely related to CBS’ research and educational programmes and plays an important role both for CBS’ students and employees. The aim of CBS' art strategy is to connect to CBS’ strategies and integrate the art initiatives at the university at large. The strategy provides an overview about the importance of art for the different activities at CBS and gives an inspirational catalogue over possible future activities at the university.

All institutional activities related to art are coordinated by CBS' Arts Committee.

Members of the CBS Arts Committee are:

  • Jacob Sachse (CBS Campus Director, chairman)
  • Christine Schmidt (CBS Art student organization)
  • Christoffer Faurschou (CBS Art student organization, alumnus)
  • Finn Junge-Jensen (Former President of CBS)
  • Jesper Bjørn (CBS Art Club, staff association)
  • Maria Hansen Møller (CBS Estates Management - EDA)
  • Philipp Alexander Ostrowicz (Senior Research Adviser, CBS)
  • Trine Bille (Professor, CBS)


To contact CBS Arts Committee please send a mail to: pao.research@cbs.dk

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