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CBS Digital Art Space exhibits video art selected and curated in collaboration with Danish and foreign artists and art institutions. The video works are continuously changed in order to give students and employees an insight into the broad variety of works and possibilities with the video medium.


Kunst på CBS – cbs digital art space

CBS Digital Art Space exhibits video art selected and curated in collaboration with Danish and foreign artists and art institutions and is a permanent digital exhibition space at Solbjerg Plads. It is established with funds from the Bikuben Foundation.


Current exhibition:

Christoffer Birkkjær

Christoffer Birkkjær: Add the mirror (2019)

In an art institution, visitors observe and address art. However, with Add the Mirror, the artwork observes and address the visitors and the room in which it is exhibited.

The artwork records data from depth, color, and sound in the room in which it exists. At night, when the artwork goes to sleep, its algorithm processes all the impressions, which it has been fed during the day.

It calculates flow, interactions, and reactions, and tries to understand and portray the room in an abstract three-dimensional digital sculpture.

During the exhibition period, the room’s dynamics change with exams, holidays, and the start of a new semester. And as an individual, the artwork develops autonomously and continuously depending on the room’s activity.

As the work becomes wiser, it also becomes more difficult to influence. But in periods of low activity, the complexity will fall, and it will become more sensitive to new impressions.

The more you stay in the room, the more you become a part of the work. Over time, we will all get to know the work better and be able to see ourself in it.

The work was exclusively made for CBS' Digital Art Space.

Christoffer Birkkjær (b. 1986) is a digital artist working with interactive installation design. His artistic projects are often based on observations and studies of behavior from nature, culture, science, and philosophy. He has previously exhibited interactive installations at the Nobel Museum in Dubai, and in Denmark at the Skovgaard Museum, the Experimentarium, and Overgaden Institute of Contemporary Art.


Past Exhibitions:

No Ozone

Kim Richard Adler Mejdahl: No Ozone

(2017) · cartoon music video · 3:38 min

15.05.2019 – 26.06.2019

(Collaborator: Kunsthal Charlottenborg)



Mario Garcia Torres: The Way They Looked at Each Other, n.d.

Single-channel video installation, color, sound, 38 min 13 sec

(Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary Collection)


Mads Lynnerup Bird on a Shoulder

In cooperation with FOKUS video art Festival:

Mads Lynnerup: Bird on a Shoulder 

See a preview at: http://www.fokusfestival.dk/da/fokus-2019/



Maria Kapajeva: Test Shooting


ARTIST TALK with Maria Kapajeva: Februar, 1st from 3-5PM


Vladimir Tomic

Vladimir Tomic: Time We Lost



Jeanette Ehlers

Jeannette Ehlers: WHIP IT GOOD
1.11.2018 - 15.12.2018


Michael Kvium: EUROPA / CIRCUS
21.08.2018 – 30.10.2018


From 2017-2018 CBS Digital Arts Space was curated by Louisiana Museum of Modern Art.

Pipilotti Rist: I'm Not The Girl Who Misses Much (1994)
17.05.2018 - 31.07.2018


Absalon Struggle

Absalon: Struggle
28.03.2018 – 16.05.2018


Wura-Natasha Ogunji: Will I still carry water when I am a dead woman?
21.02.2018 – 28.03.2018

Klara Lidén: Bodies
10.01.2018 – 20.02.2018

John Bock: Skipholt
15.11.2017 – 09.01.2018

Peter Land: Peter Land d. 5. maj 1994
11.10.2017 – 14.11.2017

Peter Fischli & David Weiss: Der Lauf Der Dinge
13.09.2017 – 10.10.2017

Wura-Natasha Ogunji: Beauty
16.08.2017 – 12.09.2017

Alex Da Corte: Chelsea Hotel No. 2
28.06.2017 – 15.08.2017

Marilyn Minter: Green Pink Caviar
31.05.2017 – 27.06.2017

Adrian Paci: The Column
31.03.2017 – 30.05.2017

Ragnar Kjartansson: Me and My Mother
22.02.2017 – 30.03.2017

The Digital Arts Space was established in 2017 with funds from the Bikuben Foundation.



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Student arcade in CBS’ main building: Solbjerg Plads 3, 2000 Frederiksberg.

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