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Curiosity and social responsibility are essential in new CBS strategy

On 29 June 2020, the CBS Board approved the new strategy for CBS. The strategy creates a new framework and a strategic direction with a focus on creating positive change through collaboration with a wide range of external stakeholders.

With transformation as the point of departure, the strategy must be the mindset to ensure the continued development of CBS. With strategic initiatives to optimise our core business CBS can contribute to solving the grand challenges of the world in many years to come. 

CBS has a powerful basis to build on which allows us to focus even more on making a positive difference, being curious and ambitious. With our Nordic roots and international reputation, we must assume even more joint responsibility for addressing societal challenges locally and globally through excellent research and education.

None of us alone can solve the challenges facing the world and for this reason, the new strategy focuses on strengthening current partnerships and starting new partnerships with other sciences, the business community, authorities and civil society. 

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