About CBS


The Accounts Unit manages the bookkeeping and financial reporting of CBS. The unit prepares the annual report in addition to providing advice and compiling management information about financial matters to other CBS units.

The Accounting Unit is responsible for the following specific tasks:
  • Responsible for the general cashflow management of CBS 
  • Financial control of all the revenues from CBS payment educations
  • Establishment, balancing and controlling of CBS’ fixed assets
  • Controlling of VAT as well as quarterly reporting to the Danish Customs and Tax Administration and to the Ministry of Higher Education and Science
  • Evaluation of conferences held at CBS subject to VAT and reconciliation of conference fees
  • Continuously contact to the Ministry of Higher Education and Science i.e. concerning quarterly refund from the Omstillingsfond  and refund of VAT
  • Responsible for ERP system and related systems
  • Primary contact to auditors, bankers and mortgage credits
  • Monthly balancing jobs
  • Ad-hoc controlling on travelling  
  • General debtors and accounts payable  
  • Managing of credit cards


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Accounts generel mail regn.oefu@cbs.dk