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Moving within Denmark? Here you can read more about what to remember when moving addresses in Denmark.

Address change

If you change addresses within Denmark, you must inform the Citizen Service (Borgerservice) in the municipality you move to about your new address. You can register your new address on lifeindenmark.dk or you may change your address in person at the Citizen Service in your new municipality.                                                                                                                                                 
You must register your new address within 5 days of moving into your new home.
How do you change your address?
- You must report your move to the municipality you are moving to.
- You can change your address via the online self-service facility on lifeindenmark.dk. The online self-service is primarily in Danish (depending on which municipality you live in or are about to move to). However, you can always get help to fill it in at the local Citizen Service. 
- You need to log on with your MitID.
- You can also show up at the Citizen Service in the municipaality you are moving to, to report your move and get assistance on the spot.
Rules and fines
If you fail to report your move within the time limit of 28 days before moving to 5 days after you move, you risk one of the following fines:
- Move notified later than 5 days after moving.
- Failure to cancel a no longer relevant address.
- Incorrect information about the move itself.
- Failure to provide requested information or giving false information.

Please contact your local Citizen Service for further information about changing addresses.
What to remember when moving out
There are certain things to remember when leaving and/or selling a property. You should remember to:
- Read the meters (electricity, water and heating) and the oil tank if you have one.
- Cancel standing bankorders, insurances, subscriptions to newspapers and and periodicals, club memberships, etc.
- Hand in all of your keys.

The figures (on the meters and oil tank) should be sent to whoever verifies the arrangement, or to the landlord's administrator of a rented residence. You should also notify the utility companies of the change of owner and / or tenant, and of the figures on the meters.

Read more about move on lifeindenmark.dk.

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