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Academic council


The Academic Council advises the President on the internal distribution of grants, and on research, education and plans for knowledge exchange.The Academic Council shall give their opinion to the President on proposals for the development contract and on the academic organisation, including the establishment and discontinuation of departments and which programmes to offer. The Academic Council also makes recommendations to assessment committees and confers PhDs, doctorates and prizes.​

Composition of the Academic Council

The Academic Council consists of 13 members: the President is a born member, 9 members are elected by and among faculty, including employed PhD students, 3 members are elected by and among the students. In addition, 2 observers are elected by and among the technical-administrative staff who participate in the meetings of the Council with the right to speak but without the right to vote.

In addition, the rest of the Senior Management participates in Council meetings.

The Academic Council elects a chair and a vice-chair from among its members.

Members elected by faculty (election period 2019-2021):

Kristian Miltersen (chair), Bent Meier Sørensen (vice-chair), Anne Reff Pedersen, Fane Naja Groes, Morten Knudsen, Stefano Ponte, Thomas Rønde, Peter Skærbæk, Torsten Ringberg.

Members elected by students (election period 2021):

Tomas Vemola, Helene Bredmose Schulz, Emma Christine Krogsgaard Thorbjørnsen.

Observers elected by technical-administrative staff (election period 2019-2021):

Henrik Hermansen, Lise Balslev.

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