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Stay connected to former fellow students and CBS through professional and social events and gain access to alumni benefits on and off-campus. This and more will be available to you when you register with CBS Alumni. CBS Alumni provides and gathers benefits and offers for CBS alumni.

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CBS alumni have access to a range of special benefits and offers.

You can for example participate in events and networking groups, become a mentor, gain access to research articles and get discounts. It is free to register.

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Become a mentor to students at CBS – no matter where you are in the world.

You can contribute with your knowledge on expectations to the future job market, your professional experience, and your passion. All while you continue to grow your own experience.

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Meet thousands of alumni in CBS Alumni’s group on LinkedIn and Facebook.

The groups give you access to a wide and professional network. Here you can take part in the discussion and stay updated on alumni-related activities at CBS.

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CBS Alumni is the connection between alumni and CBS. Our purpose is to provide alumni with exciting and relevant offers for the benefit of both alumni and CBS.

You are always welcome to contact us with questions, good ideas and comments.