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Estates Management (EDA)




Project support Stephanie Tromborg
Tlf. 4185 2452
Between 10-14

Solbjerg Plads 3, B2.20
2000 Frederiksberg


Acting Head of Department Jacob Sachse



Estates Management (EDA)
The department is responsible for CBS’ buildings and their surrounding outdoor areas – both in terms of strategic development and daily operations.
It is the responsibility of EDA to secure and optimize the usage of buildings. This includes:

  • To manage and develop services, maintenance and renovations of CBS’ buildings and equipment and to administer CBS’ art collection
  • To develop and operate CBS’ building data, base system and property management while also developing and realizing CBS’ facility management strategy
  • Technical and structural maintenance
  • Operations & Management system
  • Technical operations
  • BMS
  • Energy
  • Construction projects
  • Project management
  • Campus development
  • Student & Innovation House
  • Contract management
  • CBS Green Programme

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