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At CBS, we strive to transform society with business. And as a CBS alumni, you will be making both big and small changes in the business world, public sector, and NGOs, whether it's close to home or in faraway countries. That's why we invite you to join CBS Alumni, a network that focuses on knowledge and invites you to build relationships. This can bring value to you, your workplace, and CBS.


As a member of CBS Alumni, you will continue to be a part of the CBS community with access to,  among other things:

  • Professional events on current topics and networking.
  • Interesting and informative stories from the world of research within economics, green transition, digitalisation, marketing, management, innovation and strategy.

Our Alumni network is for all types of students from all our programmes. You can find relevant offers whether you are a recent master graduate or have completed a PhD. or one of our continuing educations programmes.

So, let's stay connected and continue to make a positive impact together! Register here 

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Please inform us of your full name and date of birth. You can reach us at alumni@cbs.dk.

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