Get in contact with students

CBS educates graduates to understand and contribute to solving current and future challenges. Meet the students and contribute to strengthening their competencies.


kom i kontakt med studerende

Jobs and internships

Find students and recent graduates to student positions, graduate programmes, internships and full-time positions via the job portal CBS CareerGate.


Find students to help finding solutions to a challenge in your organisation through e.g. project, bachelor and master's thesis collaborations. Use the job portal CBS CareerGate to create suggestions for challenges you want the students' help with.

Meet students on campus

CBS is responsible for a wide range of career events, fairs and seminars for students, such as CBS Career Fair, Consulting Event and Graduate Event. Meet your future employees and tell them about the career opportunities in your organization.


Support the next generation's career development and readiness through mentoring of bachelor's and master's students. All while you experience personal development yourself.

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