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Finance Support

Finance Support offers financial service and support to all units at CBS. The office handles tasks within the internal budget, and post-award management of CBS’ external projects, including EU grants.

The office is organized in teams with the following tasks:

Finance Support

The team consists of fifteen people who support departments and other units in finance control and management.

  • Budgeting and budget follow-up in cooperation with budget responsible
  • Payment of invoices, bookkeeping and controlling of expenses
  • Travel settlements and expense claims
  • Account balancing and audits
  • Activation and depreciation of assets, accruals
  • Preparation of financial reports

Project Administration

Project Administration is comprised of an EU-team and a national team each consisting of five employees.

  • Entry points for departments and researchers at the post-award stage
  • Set-up, adjustments and closing of project accounts in CBS' administrative systems
  • Bookkeeping and controlling of expenses related to external projects (financial management)
  • Budget follow-ups and preparation of financial statements for external projects
  • Signing and approval of financial statements for external projects
  • Delivery of materials and information about the projects to CBS’ external auditor (continuing updates and annual audit)
  • Coordinator in the post-award stage (in relation to CBS’ other administrative units)

In addition, a number of student assistants support the team.

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