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Project Administration – post-award

The Project Administration is responsible for post-award management of CBS’ external projects. The office collaborates closely with the CBS Research Support and the CBS departments to facilitate an efficient and effective administration of CBS projects.

The Project Administration manages the following tasks:

  • Entry points for departments and researchers at the post-award stage
  • Set-up, adjustments and closing of project accounts in CBS' administrative systems
  • Bookkeeping and controlling of expenses related to external projects (financial management)
  • Budget follow-ups and preparation of financial statements for external projects
  • Signing and approval of financial statements for external projects
  • Delivery of materials and information about the projects to CBS’ external auditor (continuing updates and annual audit)
  • Coordinator in the post-award stage (in relation to CBS’ other administrative units)

The Project Administration is comprised of an EU-team and a national team each consisting of five employees. In addition, a number of student assistants support the team.

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Teammanager kl.fa@cbs.dk
Kirsten Lange +45 3815 5909
  +45 2875 5662