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Learning environment assessments

It is CBS’ goal to have attractive and modern study environments that support student well-being and learning. Every third year, we conduct a Learning Environment Assessment (UMV).

The UMV is CBS' official evaluation of the learning environment, including an assessment of the psychological and social as well as physical and aesthetic aspects. The report outlines the study environment at CBS and describes how we address any challenges.

An essential part of the UMV is based on data from the Danish Study Survey (Danmarks Studieundersøgelse), conducted every two years by the Ministry of Higher Education and Science, and CBS' own yearly evaluations.

The goal of the UMV is to contribute to creating the best possible conditions for our students’ well-being and learning.

PDF icon Learning Environment Investigation 2023
Undervisningsmiljøvurdering 2023 

 Learning Environment Investigation 2020
 Undervisningsmiljøvurdering 2020

Learning Environment Investigation 2017
 Learning Environment Investigation 2014 (only in Danish)
Learning Environment Investigation 2011 (only in Danish)
Learning Environment Investigation 2008 (only in Danish)
Learning Environment Investigation 2003 (only in Danish)

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