About CBS


CBS is headed by the President who is responsible to the CBS Board of Directors. The Board is responsible to the Minister for Science, Innovation and Higher Education. Besides the President, there are two deans, a Deputy President and a University Director. As senior management, they are responsible for the day-to-day management of CBS.

CBS orgchart

The day-to-day management is carried out by the President within a framework laid down by the Board. The other management carry out their duties as authorised by the President.

CBS’ core activities (education and research) are organised under two deans, a Dean of Research and a Dean of Education. The Dean of Education is responsible for all programmes; bachelor and master programmes, MBA and diploma programmes. The study boards and the programme directors are responsible to the Dean of Education.

The Deputy President has the direct management responsibility of CBS’ institutions and their leaders, and thus all permanent and parttime scientific staff.

The Dean of Research has the strategical and organisational responsibility of CBS’ research and research staff.

The University Director has the overall responsibility of CBS’ finances and the managerial responsibility of all cross-functional administrative units and the CBS Library.

The President has appointed a Vice President for International Affairs, who provides consultancy to the president on international matters and represents CBS in international relations.

CBS has an Academic Council, who make statements to the President (as advisors) and take part in ensuring the quality and the legitimacy of academic decisions. The council also contributes to the communication between management, staff and students. The General Consultation Committee (HSU) gives their opinion to the President on tasks that fall under the President’s managerial rights. The main purpose of the General Consultation Committee is to: involve employees in the work with CBS' goals and strategy, establish staff policy frameworks that promote competence development and the will and motivation to meet CBS' goals, and contribute to creating the best possible working conditions and a good work environment. CDI provides consultancy to the President on initiatives and policies to create greater diversity and inclusion among employees and students at CBS.

Our core activities are supported by a number of administrative functions at different levels.


Shared Central Services

Shared Central Services carry out cross-functional and coordinating task for the university and provide services to students, staff, the business sector, etc. The Shared Central Services are headed by the University Director.

Programme Administration

The Programme Administration handles the administration and the administrative development of the programmes and services programmes and students. The Programmes Administration is headed by the Dean of Education.

The Departments

The departments are administered by a head of department who is responsible to the Dean of Research. The programmes are not organised in the departments, however, the departments deliver teaching to CBS’ programmes within their area of expertise.

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