About CBS

The primary task of the CBS PhD Support is to manage the administration of PhD students in the PhD study at CBS.

Other tasks include:

  • Counselling and guidance of current and future PhD students, supervisors, PhD coordinators, heads of department, heads of secretariat and external partners in all administrative matters relating to the PhD programme at CBS.
  • Support and reporting of data to the Dean of Research, CBS Management, Head of PhD School and the PhD Committee, as well as other internal and external partners.

Your PhD support team is at your service at Porcelænshaven 18A

You are welcome to make an appointment with your PhD adviser or stop by to see us.





Lone Petersen

Lone Petersen
Head of PhD Support
Room: POR/18A, 0.114
Tel.: +45 3815 2462
  • Management support and reporting
  • Budget manager for the PhD area
  • PhD contracts

Anja Knudsen

Anja Knudsen
PhD Adviser
Room: POR/18A, 0.121
Tel.: +45 3815 3236
  • PhD Adviser for BHL
  • Management Support and reporting
  • Secretary for PhD Committee

Bente Ramovic

Bente Ramovic
PhD Adviser
Room: POR/18A, 0.113
Tel.: +45 3815 3138
  • PhD Adviser for EGB, FI, MSC & MARKTG
  • Course support for FI & MARKTG
  • PhD Admission
  • Statistics Denmark

Room: POR/18A, 0.131
Tel.: +45 3815 2496

  • PhD Adviser for ACC, DIGI & OM
  • Course support for professional development courses 
  • Course support for CBS PhD School
  • PhD info on CBS.dk
Katja Høegh Tingleff
Room: POR/18A, 0.121
Tel.: +45 3815 2839
  • PhD Adviser for ECON & IOA
  • Responsible for Research Planner
Nina Iversen
Nina Iversen
PhD Adviser
Room: POR/18A, 0.128
Tel.: +45 3815 2475
  • PhD Adviser for SI
  • Course support for MOST (DIGI, EGB, BHL, IOA & MSC), ACC, SI, ECON, & OM
  • PhD info on CBS Share

Sidsel Tenna Gamel Høpner Petersen

Student Assistant

Room: POR/18A, 0.116
Tel.: +45 3815 2679       




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