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Campus Services

Campus Service is responsible for the operation and maintenance of technical installations in the eight buildings and residence halls currently used by CBS. The unit also provides administrative and technical assistance, with respect to installation and operation in connection with the new building development, reconstruction and refurbishment.


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Campus Services consists of three teams


Campus Service

Campus Services is managed by Campus Director Jacob Sachse (js.cs@cbs.dk) and consists of four departments in charge of the overall operation of CBS. There is also an associated staff function v. Team leader Iben Dindler (id.cs@cbs.dk)

In specific terms, Campus Services undertakes the following core tasks:

  • Facilities maintenance service, telephone and switchboard operations, ventilation, heating and sanitation

  • Cleaning (quality control of external provider)

  • Emergency faultfinding and repair with the help of internal staff resources or external providers

  • Preventative maintenance according to technical, financial or legislative criteria

  • Responsibility for contingency plan in collaboration with an external supplier

  • Responsibility for infrastructure in connection with conferences.


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