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CBS Freedom of Expression Resolution

Freedom of expression is guaranteed by the Danish constitution as well as international human rights instruments ratified by Denmark. In addition, academic freedom is guaranteed by the European Charter of Fundamental Rights and the case law of the European Court of Human Rights. Copenhagen Business School cherishes this freedom as the foundation for open dialogue and discussions of diverse ideas and viewpoints. Indeed, knowledge is best advanced through free and open-minded inquiry and the open discussion of competing ideas. For these reasons, CBS strives to ensure that all members of the CBS community have the broadest possible latitude to speak, write, listen, challenge, and learn.

CBS’s fundamental commitment is to the principle that debate or deliberation may not be suppressed because the ideas put forth are thought by others to be disagreeable or offensive. It is for the individual members of the CBS community, not for CBS as an institution, to make judgments for themselves, and to act on those judgments not by seeking to suppress speech, but by openly contesting the ideas that they oppose. It is not the role of CBS to attempt to shield individuals inside or outside CBS from ideas and opinions they find unwelcome, wrong, or offensive.

At the intersection of our commitment to free expression and our community values lies the expectation of an inclusive learning and working environment. CBS deeply values inclusiveness, diversity, civility, and mutual respect. At the same time, CBS will not seek to limit speech on the grounds that others experience such speech as offensive. Controversies over free expression are opportunities for learning rather than occasions for disciplinary action.

As a corollary to CBS’s commitment to protect and promote free expression, members of the CBS community must also act in conformity with the present resolution. Although anyone is free to criticize and contest the ideas of others, they may not obstruct or otherwise interfere with the freedom of others to express ideas they reject. To this end, CBS has a solemn responsibility not only to promote freedom of debate and deliberation, but also to protect that freedom for members of our community when others from within or outside CBS attempt to restrict it.

Part of this document has been adapted from the FIRE resolution and from the proposed “MIT Statement on Freedom of Expression and Academic Freedom”.

Approved by the CBS Board of Directors 25 November 2022

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