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CBS educates graduates for the business world, delivers innovative research and education as a business university and engages strongly in the business community and society at large. Recruiting talented students, engaging in study programmes and entering into research and business partnerships with CBS has to be easy and manageable for companies. To realize that goal, CBS dedicatedly works to build bridges between CBS and society at large. Read how you and your company can get involved. Companies can engage in research/business collaboration, recruit talent or reengage as an alum by contacting CBS or find inspirations and answers below.


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CBS students are educated in understanding and solving the current and future challenges facing the business community. We arrange events and activities where companies can meet our students on an ongoing basis – read more about Career Fair and other career events in addition to recruitment options.

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CBS’ research is dedicated to topicality and relevance for the business community and society. CBS advises both CBS’ researchers and society around us on how the gap between theory and practice can be bridged, creating value for both parties.

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Throughout its 100 years, CBS has had a strong tradition for cooperating with companies and organisations. The partnerships cover everything from strong, individual collaborations with CBS’ research environments to valuable partnerships with CBS as a whole.

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CBS engages in the business community and society by developing and inviting to a wide range of initiatives spanning from very broad career events for everybody to very specific and exclusive ones only for partners and top executives.

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Stay updated on CBS’ most relevant new research and business collaboration initiatives. CBS gives insight into what is topical and relevant through targeted newsletters and LinkedIn on an ongoing basis. 

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CBS is the gateway into companies and organisations. We can help with navigating among the many opportunities and advantages offered by a partnership with CBS.

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