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Reports to the whistleblower scheme

According to Section 27 of the Act on Protection of Whistleblowers, CBS' internal Whistleblower Scheme must publish information about the scheme's activities in accordance with the Whistleblower Act at least once a year.

On 24th of June 2021 the Danish Parliament adopted the Act on the Protection of Whistleblowers, which imposed an obligation on public authorities and a large number of private companies and organizations to establish internal whistleblower schemes.

CBS established a scheme, which is handled by designated employees form CBS legal together with Plesner Law Firm.

Reports in the past year

CBS’ Whistleblower scheme received one report between 1 January 2023 and 31 December 2023. The report fell outside the scope of the Whistleblower Act and was therefore rejected by the scheme. The person who made the report was instead advised on the options for contacting other authorities.

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