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Educational Quality and Quality Assurance of educational programmes at CBS

CBS aims to provide the business sector with graduates with a strong, fundamental understanding of business and transformative competencies. CBS is a large business university, both in terms of the number of students and in variety of the programme offered. CBS strives for high educational quality to ensure that our students and graduates meet the highest international standards. Continuous improvements based on systematic data collection and dialogue with internal and external stakeholders are the focus of our work on educational quality.  

The quality assurance system is governed by the quality assurance policy and its sub-policies, which together ensure that the quality of CBS’ programmes is monitored and developed continuously. The programmes must comply with a number of quality standards, including research base. This is done through established processes which include extensive quantitative and qualitative data and feedback from a range of contributors.  

Together, data, processes, and stakeholders responsible for educational quality constitute CBS’ quality assurance system.  In addition, the programmes must address relevant ongoing cross-cutting strategic projects and initiatives that have been defined as part of the quality assurance of CBS’ programmes.  

As an integrated part of the quality assurance system, the quality policy and sub-policies are evaluated and adjusted regularly - see the annual cycle for the quality assurance system for more information.  



Educational Quality Policy

PDF icon Educational Quality Policy


The Quality Assurance System

CBS’ quality assurance of programmes is based on a number of elements and processes that together constitute the quality assurance system, which ensures quality and relevance in our programmes. The quality assurance system has three steps: Monitor, improve, and operate.

The quality of CBS’ programmes is monitored through quantitative and qualitative data and input from a range of stakeholders, including students, Quality Boards, employers, graduates, and others. 

CBS’ programmes are quality developed and improved through a series of processes involving contributions from internal and external stakeholders. The internal stakeholders are students, teachers, course coordinators, study boards, programme directors, and heads of departments. The external stakeholders are employers, alumni, and external examiners.

CBS’ programmes are run by internal stakeholders, including study boards, programme directors, teachers, and technical-administrative staff (TAP). Daily operations ensure that changes and quality improvements are implemented and put into operation.

The figure below shows the responsible stakeholders in CBS’ quality assurance system. The stakeholders must ensure that quality processes are carried out and that the agreed follow-up takes place.
The individual processes and areas of responsibility are described on CBS’ intranet CBS Share.


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