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Dalgas Have
Dalgas Have, ground floor (pdf)

Dalgas Have, 1st floor (pdf)

PDF iconDalgas Have, 2nd floor (pdf)

The Dalgas Have building was completed in 1988 and designed by Henning Larsen Architects who has also designed and built the Foreign Ministry in Riyadh as well as the opera house situated on the waterfront of Copenhagen habour.

Dalgas Have

Architecturally speaking - an enlightening experience. Dalgas Have is designed with the purpose of entering into a dialogue with the ever-changing Danish light. This dialogue is aided by working with daylight streaming down from the skylight in the canopy high above in the main building. Mirrors, water and white walls create a constantly shifting pattern of light throughout the day.

Dalgas Have is owned by the Danish Pension Fund for Engineers and is leased to CBS.

It measures 22,000 square metres.

Kilen, basement (pdf)

Kilen, ground floor (pdf)

Kilen, mezzanin (pdf)

Kilen, 1st floor (pdf)

Kilen, 2nd floor (pdf)

Kilen, 3rd floor (pdf)

Kilen, 4th floor (pdf)

The Wedge, designed by Lundgaard & Tranberg Architects, received the RIBA Award from the Royal Institute of British Architects for its unique expression.


The Wedge was built in 2005 and is named after its characteristic wedge-shaped design.  When the Royal Institute of British Architects awarded the building they emphasized the large and bright atrium along with the prominent shutters on the building’s façade. 

The barely 14,000 m2 hosts both teaching facilities and offices and among others the president and CBS’ top administration have their home at the Wedge. The building is owned by CBS.

Porcelænshaven, basement (pdf)

PDF iconPorcelænshaven, ground floor (pdf)

PDF iconPorcelænshaven, 1st floor (pdf)

PDF iconPorcelænshaven, 2nd floor (pdf)

PDF iconPorcelænshaven, 3rd floor (pdf)

PDF iconPorcelænshaven, 4th floor (pdf)
CBS spreads over six locations in the former Royal Porcelain Factory, today known as Porcelænshaven (the Porcelain Garden), where the preservation of old buildings in the area helps create an authentic atmosphere.

Porcelænshaven - ovnhallen

Porcelænshaven was from the late 1800’s up until the beginning of the new millennium an active porcelain factory. When the factory closed, the area was renovated and modernized, and today it consists of private housing and several CBS buildings. 

CBS dispose of just above 17,000 m2 in Porcelænshaven. Among these are the Warehouse and the Kiln Hall who, as the names suggest, are buildings that date back to the days when the area was still an active factory. As the rest of Porcelænshaven the renovation of the buildings has been done with respect for their history, and today the buildings appear modern and raw.

Solbjerg Plads
PDF iconSolbjerg Plads, ground floor (pdf)

PDF iconSolbjerg Plads, 1st floor (pdf)

PDF iconSolbjerg Plads, 2nd floor (pdf)

PDF iconSolbjerg Plads, 3rd floor (pdf)

PDF iconSolbjerg Plads, 4th floor (pdf)

PDF iconSolbjerg Plads, 5th floor (pdf)

With 28,000 m2 of space and more than 2700 seats spread over a wide range of auditoriums Solbjerg Plads is the heart of CBS. The building is designed by Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects and was inaugurated in 1999.


Solbjerg Plads is built around a large, open indoor pedestrian street and foyer called “the student arcade”.  In addition to auditoriums, group rooms offices and a large canteen, Solbjerg Plads is also home to a bookstore, the students’ Café Nexus and the largest branch of CBS Library with over 500 study seats. 

CBS owns the building.

PDF iconSolbjergvej, ground floor (pdf)
PDF iconSolbjergvej, 1st floor (pdf)

Just a few minutes’ walk from Solbjerg Plads – at Solbjergvej 3 - you find the building where many of the oral examinations at CBS take place.

To relive some of the pressure on CBS’ group rooms the first floor of the building tat Solbjergvej 3 was in 2013 rebuilt to serve as an exam hub for the oral exams at CBS. Here seven rooms has been turned into examination rooms. All rooms contain both PC and a large screen for presentations, and each room is served by several smaller rooms to be used for preparation.

PDF iconFlintholm, ground floor (pdf)

The Flintholm-building has seen 2013 been used for teaching activities at CBS. As the name suggest the building is located by the traffic hub Flintholm St. which serves busses, trains and metros.

With four auditoriums – and the possibility of combining the two smallest into one – the building’s 2200m2 can host teaching activities for over 620 students at a time.  Furthermore the building’s aula has facilities to accommodate group work, and students can satisfy their hunger at a GRAB&GO division of Spisestuerne.

CBS rents the building, which is designed by Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects.

PDF iconHowitzvej, ground floor (pdf)

PDF iconHowitzvej, 6th floor (pdf)

The building at Howitzvej 11-13 has previously served as a radio factory. Today it is the home of a part of CBS’ administration.  

The building was erected in 1915 and has been renovated several times since that. With its close proximity to both the Wedge and Solbjerg Plads the building is centrally located on the CBS campus.

The just above 2800 m2 harbour several of CBS’ administrative units, and CBS owns the building.

While designing the Wedge in 2005 the architects from Lundgaard & Tranberg were also responsible for the renovation of CBS’ building at Howitzvej 60, which was originally built in 1964.

The renovation was in 2007 rewarded by Frederiksberg municipality, who highlighted the building as a good example of how a formerly characterless building was successfully integrated with the surrounding buildings and campus.

The building’s approximately 3,000 m2 accommodates group rooms, auditoriums and offices.  Furthermore the first floor of the building is home to Creators Floor, which is a cooperation between the office community Symbion and CBS targeted entrepreneurs.

Graduate House

PDF iconGraduate House, basement (pdf)

PDF iconGraduate House, ground floor (pdf)

PDF iconGraduate House, 1st floor (pdf)

PDF iconGraduate House, 2nd floor (pdf)

PDF iconGraduate House, 3rd floor (pdf)

PDF iconGraduate House, 4th floor (pdf)

Graduate House is CBS’ building dedicated graduate students. The house opened in 2015 on the premises of the former private hospital Hamlet at H.V. Nyholms Vej.

The building, which was originally built in 1930, has been renovated and expanded numerous times. The latest expansion took place in 1994, when the old capsule factory was transformed into Hamlet. When CBS took over the lease in 2015 the building was refurbished by Rønnow Architects to fit the needs of CBS.

Graduate House has over 1000 seats spanning over several auditoriums. In addition to this, the house has over 400 study seats, it support and its own canteen. The study facilities and the canteen are open to CBS students round the clock.

CBS Examination Halls, Amager Strandvej 108 B

CBS’ Examination Halls is situated close to the Øresund metro station at Amager, and is used to host written exams.

The Examination Halls has a capacity of more than 630 examinees at a time. The halls consists of four rooms, all of which can be split in smaller sections, which enables CBS to host several different exams simultaneously.

CBS rents the building.

Examination halls
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Grundtvigsvej 37

The former nonconformist chapel at Grundtvigsvej 37 is today the home of a part of CBS’ administration.

The house was built by the Danish revival movement Indre Mission in the late 1800’s. Through a number of years the house was known as “Missionshuset Siloam” - which translates to the nonconformist chapel Siloam.

Today the building has been converted into office space, and a part of CBS’ administration resides here. CBS rents the building.

Steen Blichers Vej 22

At Steen Blichers Vej 22, only a few minutes’ walk from CBS’ buildings in Porcelænshaven and at the edge of Frederiksberg Garden, lies a CBS-owned house from 1881.

The large, white house is neither used for teaching or group rooms. Instead it is home to Department of Business and Politics.  The house was originally built in 1881 and later renovated in 1899

Finsensvej 6D 

In 2021, CBS rented Finsensvej 6D and, after a major renovation, both administrative units and students moved into the building. The building dates from 1934, built by August Neubert Fabrikker to produce clothing. Later, it has been a shoe factory, laboratory and, from 2001, an office building. 

Finsensvej 6D now contains 2 auditoriums and two informal study areas that can each accommodate 30 students. The building also has 4 group rooms. The building follows the general opening hours for CBS buildings.


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