Department of Management, Society and Communication

Degree Programmes

Dalgas Have

MSC research-based teaching

MSC is a significant supplier of research-based teaching to a broad portfolio of programmes, which includes undergraduate, graduate and doctoral teaching and supervision as well as executive education in the fields of

  • (Responsible) Management/Leadership/Governance
  • Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability
  • Business and Development (with an emphasis on the emerging/growth economies context dimension as well as (social) entrepreneurship & innovation)
  • Organisational Communication (Corporate Communication, Strategic Communication, Leadership Communication, Marketing Communication)
  • Technology and Digital transformation
  • Culture and Learning

Programme directorship

MSC faculty currently provide programme directorship for and extensive research-based teaching in the following undergraduate degree programmes:

and the following graduate degree programmes:

Other teaching

In addition to this, MSC faculty members contribute substantially to several other CBS degree programmes, including:

Undergraduate programmes

Graduate programmes

International and executive degrees

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