Centre for Business and Development Studies (CBDS)

Welcome to CBDS, our multidisciplinary research centre on business and development studies. Our research can best be described as critical, engaged and theoretically-driven research on the roles of business, government and civil society in promoting inclusive, just and sustainable development – with a focus on power dynamics, inequalities and marginalized actors in the global South. We feed research-based teaching into the MSc program on Business and Development Studies (BaDS) at CBS.

Centre for Business and Development Studies


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The Centre for Business and Development Studies aims at consolidating, advancing and disseminating research on the relations between business operations and sustainable development in the Global South. CBDS seeks to make CBS a key player in international research in this field as well as to provide expertise to policy makers, business and civil society groups - both in Denmark and in developing countries - in view of achieving inclusive and sustainable development. 



CBDS consists of approximately 20 researchers based in the Department of Management, Society and Communication and another dozen based in other departments at CBS who conduct research on business and international development from a variety of theoretical perspectives and methods.

Currently, CBDS is organized in three cross-cutting research clusters:

1) Entrepreneurship, Management and Innovation in Development;

2) Governing Sustainable Value Chains;

3) Knowledge and Global Development.

The centre is led by a director, Stefano Ponte supported by a centre manager, Sarah Netter, and advised by an international advisory board. 


Areas of expertise

CBDS is currently active in a number of research fields, including: firm strategy and management in developing countries; multinational corporations and economic development; global value chain governance and development; corporate social and environmental responsibility in developing countries; base-of-the-pyramid strategies; human rights and local communities; entrepreneurship and innovation; critical development studies; business and humanitarian interventions; and business, sustainability and climate change. 


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