Governing Responsible Business 2014-2019

Studying the links between governance and responsible business

MSC WCRE – ‘Governing Responsible Business’ (GRB)

GRB team

The MSC World Class Research Environment (WCRE) ‘Governing Responsible Business’ aimed at creating a thriving context for research located at the intersection of socio-economic governance and responsible business. The WCRE built upon the Department of Management, Society and Communication's strong research performance in this area and has strengthened this performance to reach international standards of excellence. The research environment was funded through CBS’ WCRE initiative from 2014 to 2019.

The two research directors of the GRB:

The funding of the Governing Responsible Business environment came to an end in 2019 but many of its activities continue within the framework of the CBS Sustainability centre. Read more about the history of the GRB and its collaboration with the Velux Endowed Chair in Corporate Sustainability here.

Read also from the Mid-term review of GRB in 2017:

GRB 2017_Overview

GRB 2017_Report

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