CBDS working paper series

On this site you can find the working papers published in the CBDS Working Paper Series.

CBDS Working Paper Series
2022 - 2023


Earlier years:


Swaziland: The Garment Industry in its Economic, Political and Social Context
Jeppesen, S. & Bezuidenhout, A., 2019,
(CBDS Working Paper; Nr. 4, 2019).

Lesotho: The Garment Industry in its Economic, Political and Social Context
Jeppesen, S. & Bezuidenhout, A., 2019,
(CBDS Working Paper; Nr. 2019/3).

Tropical Heat: 'Creating Demand in Growing Markets'
Upadhyaya, R. & Wamalwa, H., 2019,
(CBDS Working Paper; Nr. 2).

Seven Case Studies of Tanzanian Food Processing Enterprises
Hansen, M. W., Langevang, T., Rutashobya, L. & Urassa, G., 2019,
(CBDS Working Paper; Nr. 1, Bind 2019).

Wind Energy Farms' Impacts on Environmental Justice and Human Rights
Ramirez, J., 2019,
(CBDS Working Paper; Nr. 1, Bind 2019).

Bridging Global Standard Requirements and Local Famer Needs: Implementing Parterns of the Better Cotton Initiative in Pakistan and India
Lund-Thomsen, P., Riisgaard, L., Coe, N. M., Singh, S. & Ghori, S., 2018,
(CBDS Working Paper; Nr. 1, 2018).

The Arrival of Chinese Investors in Denmark: A Survey of Recent Trends in Chinese FDI in Denmark
Xiwen, X. & Hansen, M. W., 2017,
(CBDS Working Paper; Nr. 2, 2017).

Internationalization Strategies of African Firms: A Survey of 210 Food Processing Firms from Tanzania, Kenya and Zambia
Schmidt, A. & Hansen, M. W., 2017,
(CBDS Working Paper; Nr. 1, 2017).

Processing Food for the Domestic Market: Entry Barriers for Food Processors to Supermarkets in Kenya
Thomsen, L., McCormick, D. & Kamau, P., 2017,
(CBDS Working Paper; Nr. 1, 2017).

From ’Do No Harm’ to Doing More Good: Extending the UN Framework to Connect Political CSR with Business Responsibilities for Human Rights
Jonsson, J., Fisker, M. & Buhmann, K., 2 nov. 2016,
(CBDS Working Paper; Nr. 26).

Fashioning the Future: Entrepreneuring in Africa’s Emerging Fashion Industry
Langevang, T., 2016,
(CBDS Working Paper; Nr. 25).

Coping with the African Business Environment: Strategic Response under Market and Institutional Uncertainty in the Tanzanian Food Processing Industry
Hansen, M. W., Langevang, T., Rutashobya, L. & Urassa, G., 2015,
(CBDS Working Paper; Nr. 24).

The Impact of 'Narco-terrorism' on HRM
Ramirez, J., Madero, S. & Muñiz, C., 2014,
(CBDS Working Paper; Nr. 3, Bind 2014).

Successful Social Enterprises in Africa: Six Case Studies from Kenya
Thisted, K. P. & Hansen, M. W., 2014,
(CBDS Working Paper; Nr. 2, Bind 2014).

Entrepreneurs' Responses to Organized Crime and Violence
Ramirez, J., Gómez, S. M. M. & Muñiz, C., 2014,
(CBDS Working Paper; Nr. 1, Bind 2014).

What Makes MNCs Succeed in Developing countries? An Empirical Analysis of Subsidiary Performance
Hansen, M. W. & Gwozdz, W., 2013,
(CBDS Working Paper; Nr. 2013/1).

Understanding the Rise of African Business: In Search of an Analytical Framework
Jorem, K. T., Jeppesen, S. & Hansen, M. W., 2012,
(CBDS Working Paper; Nr. Working Paper nr. 2 2012).

Strategic CSR in Afghanistan: The Case of Roshan, An Afghan Telecommunication Company
Azizi, S., 2012,
(CBDS Working Paper; Nr. 1, Bind 2012).

Entrepreneurship Development in Africa: Report from a Workshop 6-8 September 2010
Schaumburg-Müller, H., Jeppesen, S. & Langevang, T., 2010,
(CBDS Working Paper; Nr. 12/2010).

Malaysian Manufacturing Systems of Innovation and Internationalization of R&D
Chandran, V. G. R., Rasiah, R. & Wad, P., 2009,
(CBDS Working Paper; Nr. 11, Bind 2009).

Oligopolistic Competition and Foreign Direct Investment: (Re) Integrating the Strategic Management Perspective in the Theory of Multinational Corporations
Hoenen, A. K. & Hansen, M. W., 2009,
(CBDS Working Paper; Nr. 10, Bind 2009).

Into Africa: FDI with Chinese Characteristics
Crabtree, A., 2008,
(CBDS Working Paper; Nr. 9).

Outward foreign direct investment from India: Theory and Evidence
Hansen, M. W., 2008,
(CBDS Working Paper; Nr. 8, Bind 2008).

State-driven corporate social responsibility? Mediating offshore outsourcing and CSR in Malaysia
Wad, P. & Chong, S., 2008,
(CBDS Working Paper; Nr. 7).

Foreign Direct Investment in Africa: Searching for Impact in Mali and South Africa
Jeppesen, S. & Mainguy, C., 2007,
(CBDS Working Paper; Nr. 6, Bind 2007).

Firms in developing countries: A theoretical probe into the borderland of Business Studies and Development Studies
Hansen, M. W. & Schaumburg-Müller, H., 2007,
(CBDS Working Paper; Nr. 5, Bind 2007).

Outsourcing for Development: Towards a Developing Country Firm Perspective
Hansen, M. W., Schaumburg-Müller, H. & Pottenger, E., okt. 2007,
(CBDS Working Paper; Nr. 4).

Vietnamese Garment Enterprises After the Termination of the Multi-Fiber Agreement
Schaumburg-Müller, H., 2007,
(CBDS Working Paper; Nr. 3, Bind 2007).

Human Resource Development in the Knowledge Economy: A Model for Analysing the Progress of Knowledge Development in Developing Country Firms Jørgensen, S. L., 2007,
(CBDS Working Paper; Nr. 2, Bind 2007).

Evaluating "The Bottom of the Pyramid" from a Fundamental Capabilities Perspective
Crabtree, A., 2007,
(CBDS Working Paper; Nr. 1, 2007).



NEPSUS Working Paper series

Below you will find the working papers, as well as a Policy Brief, authored by participants in the NEPSUS research project (New Partnerships for Sustainability), funded by the Advisory Committee for Development Research (Ministry of Foreign Affairs Denmark), Innovation Fund Denmark from 2016 to 2020. For further information about the project, contact co-coordinator Stefano Ponte, spo.msc@cbs.dk.

NEPSUS Overall Policy Brief
Lessons from Research on New Partnerships for Sustainability in Tanzania
Noe, C., Kweka, O., Minja, R. A., Katikiro, R., Silvano, P., Namkesa, F., Kamnde, K., John, R., Ponte, S., Henriksen, L. F., Olwig, M. F. & Gallemore, C., Jan. 2022

NEPSUS Working Papers


Forestry Decentralization Policies and Communitybased Forest Enterprises in Tanzania: A Literature Review
Bwagalilo, F., Mwamfupe, A. & Olwig, M. F., 2019
(NEPSUS Working Paper; Nr. 2019-1).

Governance of Coastal Resourcesin Southern Tanzania: Comparing Beach Management Units and the Mnazi Bay Ruvuma Estuary Marine Park
Kweka, O. L., Katikiro, R. E., Minja, R. A. & Namkesa, F. D., 2019
(NEPSUS Working Paper; Nr. 2, Bind 2019).

Interrogating Wildlife Conservation Partnerships in Rufiji and Kilwa Districts, Tanzania: Context, Process and Sustainability Outcomes
Noe, C., Brockington, D., John, R., Bwagalilo, F. & Kamnde, K., 2019
(NEPSUS Working Paper; Nr. 3, Bind 2019).

Governance and Livelihoood Impacts of Forest Conservation Partnerships in Kilwa District, Tanzania
Mwamfupe, A., Olwig, M. F., Bwagalilo, F. & Silvano, P., 2019
(NEPSUS Working Paper; Nr. 4, Bind 2019).

Partnerships and Governance in Forest Management in Tanzania: Historical and Current Perspectives
Kalumanga, E., Olwig, M. F., Brockington, D. & Mwamfupe, A., 2018
(NEPSUS Working Paper; Nr. 2018-1).

New Partnerships for Sustainability (NEPSUS): Concepts, Research Design and Methodologies
Ponte, S., Noe, C., Kweka, O., Mshale, B., Sulle, E., Brockington, D., Kalumanga, E., Minja, R. A., Budeanu, A., Mwamfupe, A., Henriksen, L. F., Olwig, M. F., Silvano, P., Namkesa, F., John, R., Katikiro, R. & Mabele, M. B., 2017 (NEPSUS Working Paper; Nr. 1, Bind 2017).

Partnerships for Wildlife Protection and their Sustainability Outcomes: A Literature Review
Noe, C., Budeanu, A., Sulle, E., Olwig, M. F., Brockington, D. & John, R., 2017
(NEPSUS Working Paper; Nr. 2017/2).

Tanzania’s partnership landscape: Convergence and divergence in the wildlife sector
Noe, C., Sulle, E. & Brockington, D., 2017
(NEPSUS Working Paper; Nr. 3, Bind 2017).

Partnerships for the Governance of Coastal Resources: A Literature Review
Kweka, O., Katikiro, R., Minja, R. A. & Namkesa, F., 2017
(NEPSUS Working Paper; Nr. 4, Bind 2017).

Sustainability Partnerships for the Governance of Coastal Resources in Tanzania
Katikiro, R., Kweka, O., Namkesa, F., Ponte, S. & Minja, R. A., 2017
(NEPSUS Working Paper; Nr. 17-5)



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