MSC contribution to Geopark Det Sydfynske Øhav

MSC Associate Professor Carsten Humlebæk recently participated in the first ordinary meeting of the Scientific Council of Geopark The South Fyn Archipelago of which he became a member at the inception of the Council in the summer of 2023. The Council’s role is to be a partner for the Geopark's board and secretariat and provide input for new potential activities and business areas. The council seats biologists, historians, archaeologists, and geologists with responsibility for the six areas of action: Geology and nature, Teaching, Active outdoors living, Culture, and Research.
          Avernakø in the South Fyn archipelago_photo Mikkel Jezequel
          Avernakø in the South Fyn Archipelago. Photo: Mikkel Jezequel.

INCULTUM and geoturism
Carsten Humlebæk is tasked with special responsibilities in the sixth field of action, focusing on geotourism - not least due to his involvement in the EU research project INCULTUM. Since 2021 this Horizon 2020 funded project has explored cultural tourism in peripheral destinations all over Europe. It examines, among other things, the potential of innovative business models and participatory approaches to involve local stakeholders in tourism development (read more on the INCULTUM website). Most likely, several of the tools and methods that INCULTUM has resulted in can be adapted to and implemented in Geopark contexts.


An aspiring UNESCO Global Geopark
A collaboration between four municipalities, Geopark The South Fyn Archipelago aims to ‘create a strong common identity as a basis for local development, respecting landscapes, cultural heritage and wild nature’ in the south of Fyn and the adjacent islands and marine area. The Geopark aspires to become a UNESCO Global Geopark and received a visit by the UNESCO evaluators in June 2023 (in which the Scientific Council also participated). The final decision on the application is expected in late March.


Find more information about Geopark the South Fyn Archipelago here and about UNESCO Global Geoparks here. Contact Carsten Humlebæk for more information about his work at

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