CBS research profile

CBS' research profile covers a broad subject area within the social sciences and humanities. The academic breadth reflects a societal need to understand business issues in a broader social, political and cultural context. Furthermore, the academic breath is a prerequisite for CBS to underpin CBS’ broad portfolio of research based educational programmes.

It is the responsibility of CBS to communicate knowledge and new ideas for companies and organisations, for the CEOs of tomorrow and society at large. This applies to all major societal challenges, e.g. sustainability, migration and digitalisation.

With the distinctiveness of our diversity, CBS aims to become a world-leading business university with research and teaching excellence in classical management disciplines (including finance, economics, accounting, operations management, marketing, strategic management and organisation) and in disciplines that place business in a wider social, political and cultural context. CBS aims to contribute to economic and societal development through new knowledge.

Academic Strengths

CBS' academic strength is based on the way we combine several research fields within social sciences and business humanities with a view to illuminating societal challenges. Our business university profile is what gives us our unique brand in society.

In order to strengthen interdisciplinary research, CBS has established Business in Society platforms which gather researchers from different departments around central themes such as maritime business development,  competitiveness and entrepreneurship. The platforms aim to strengthen affiliations with the business community and public organisations as well as to create research and education at a high academic level. 

In addition, CBS hosts special academic initiatives such as the Danish National Research Foundation centre FRIC, which is focused on financial frictions, and our World Class Research Environments. These activities help brand the research quality of CBS and are considered an integrated part of the general focus on academic breadth. Read more about FRIC.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

CBS has a particular responsibility to promote entrepreneurship and innovation in companies and public organisations. Entrepreneurial spirit and innovation are essential to the creation of a dynamic society and with that, increased welfare. Collaboration with public and private companies is thus a high priority at CBS – in the form of research projects contributing to the solution of current challenges. With its roots in Northern Europe, CBS wishes to play a crucial role in the debate on innovative and dynamic business models, organisation and financial structures, and responsible management and leadership.

The Dean's Office, Research

Please direct any questions regarding research at CBS to Head of Secretariat Jane Finnerup Johnsen,
The Dean's office of research consists of three teams, which support the dean of research and CBS as a whole.

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