Facilities and use

CogLab's equipment and expertise is available for researchers at CBS and elsewhere, both inside and outside of academia.

Eye tracking

We have two rooms for eye tracking. In one room, we have an Eyelink 1000, which is a remote eye tracker and therefore unobtrusive for the user. It has a high sampling rate and precision which is ideal for investigating eye movements in detail. In the other eye-tracking room, we have an SMI iView X RED, which is also remote and suitable for recording eye movements in a quick and unobtrusive way. We also have a Tobii T120 remote eye tracker which has a highly intuitive interface.

Eye trackers can be used to investigate the decoding of words and images, or combinations thereof. For instance, they may be used to investigate:

  • reading: how do language users decode words, sentences, and texts?
  • perception of images: where and for how long do users focus on pictures?
  • usability: how do users navigate web pages?
  • decoding of food packages: how do consumers decode packaging and labels, and how do these different elements interact?

Experimental equipment and software for conducting behavioural experiments

CogLab has four computer booths containing desktop PCs installed with the experimental software E-Prime and DMDX. This setup allows us to run experimental studies involving multiple participants, the presentation of different types of stimuli (e.g., words, texts, pictures, and films), and the recording of different types of response (e.g., accuracy scores, rating scales, and reaction times). We also have Translog-II, a program which monitors the keys a user presses during writing and translation, giving a detailed picture of the dynamic process of writing. Translog-II can be integrated with eye tracking.

CBS participant database for empirical research

CogLab coordinates the CBS participant database for empirical research where students and others can sign up to participate in empirical research and researchers can recruit participants for their experiments. Sign up at the database homepage or contact db.msc@cbs.dk for further information.

Audiovisual recordings of human interactions

We have a dedicated AV room for recording interviews, focus groups, and conversations in a naturalistic setting, with three GoPro Hero3 cameras and digital sound recording equipment. Recordings can be coded and transcribed using CLAN.

Anechoic cell for sound recordings

CogLab is adjacent to an anechoic cell which may be used for producing high quality sound recordings. With new and efficient equipment, the anechoic cell is ideal for making research recordings, but other organizations and individuals are also welcome to use it.

Research design and statistical analysis

We offer advice on research design, helping researchers design experiments and other quantitative studies to get the best possible answers to their research questions. In addition, we provide assistance with statistical analysis using R and SPSS.

Formats for using CogLab

CogLab's equipment may be used by researchers at CBS and other academic institutions, as well as by business and industry. We have three basic formats for such use:

  1. If you only need to borrow equipment, you may do so free of charge. We provide instructions for the use of the equipment, but no extensive support.

If you need more extensive support, including help with running experiments and with design and analysis, this is also possible:

  1. if the data collected may be the subject of joint publications with CogLab staff, or if the data can be used in separate publications by CogLab staff. This extent of collaboration and co-publication depends on overlap of research interests.
  2. with payment for time spent by CogLab staff.

The precise details are worked out case by case.

For more information, please contact Daniel Barratt.

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