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Critical Digital Methods Lab seeks to critically experiment, develop, and evaluate new methods of utilizing the possibilities inherent to academic research and learning founded within a digital environment. Critical Digital Methods Lab will, through networked experimentation and academic discipline, engage with leading critical digital methods in order to organically co-develop a resource pool for the interdisciplinary field.

While pushing further the scope and application of critical digital methods as a means of academic research, the lab also purposefully provides necessary space for experimentation and evaluation of blended learning initiatives. It develops teaching modules for study programmes across CBS. It aims to be at the core of the development of the lab to continuously activate the research and results with students enrolled at BSc Digital Management, HA/CM(kom) at CBS.

The research and teaching conducted by Critical Digital Methods Lab evolves around three pillars of critical digital methods: data collection, data analysis and data ethics. Each of the pillars are explored both quantitatively and qualitatively. Specifically, this entails guidance and knowledge exchange on areas such as:

  • Digital data sources – their possibilities and limitations
  • Existing open-source tools
  • Development of new research tools
  • Ethnographic methods in collecting and analyzing digital and digitized data
  • Digital sociological methods for observing behaviour in digital environments
  • Critical reflection on data and methods in scholarly, governmental, and corporate settings

The Critical Digital Methods also provides access to the data collected within the remit of the lab to CBS researchers and students.


The work, results and reflections undertaken by the Critical Digital Methods Lab leads to different modes and levels of engagement by facilitating:

  • Internal workshops and seminars/webinars for researchers and students at CBS
  • Teaching modules for study programmes across CBS
  • Continuous guidance on the field per demand by staff, researchers, and thesis students
  • Open workshops and webinars engaging with a broader community of leaders, researchers, scholars, and stakeholders within the field and the tech industry
  • Publishing critical methods tools

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The Critical Digital Methods Lab is supported by the Digital Transformations Platform at CBS.

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