Collaboration with Makerere University Business School (MUBS) in Uganda

Collaboration between the Centre for Business and Development Studies and Makerere University Business School (MUBS) in Uganda started in 2009. Initially the collaboration was focused on research activities in the area of youth entrepreneurship but has since expanded to include joint teaching activities.

Since 2011 MUBS and CBS have been collaborating on developing and executing the MSc BLC elective course ‘Field Trip: Entrepreneurship and Private Sector Development in Uganda’, where 24 selected CBS students travel to Uganda for three weeks to do field studies together with MUBS students. During 2015-2022 CBS and MUBS also collaborated on the CBS Global Executive MBA field trip course ‘Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Uganda’, where course participants went to Uganda for one week to visit Ugandan firms and entrepreneurs, had lectures with MUBS and CBDS faculty and did joint case-work with MBA students from MUBS.

CBDS and MUBS are currently engaged in joint research projects and joint publishing efforts, which also involve development of teaching cases, in the area of SMEs & Corporate Social Entrepreneurship (CSR), microfinance & fintech, and social entrepreneurship.

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