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Campus and Parking

Find your way around campus

Our campus consists of several buildings in Frederiksberg.


There are classrooms at Solbjerg Plads, Kilen (the Wedge), Dalgas Have, Porcelænshaven, Råvarebygningen (the Warehouse) and Flintholm.

How to find classrooms

The first letter in the name of the classroom indicates which building it is in. The rooms at Dalgas Have begin with the letters DH. The room DH 1V.015 is located in Dalgas Have on the first floor in the west wing. The rooms at Solbjerg Plads start with the letters SP, the rooms at Kilen start with a K, the rooms at Råvarebygningen start with PHR and PH indicates that the room is located at Porcelænshaven.

Please find more information here (choose the relevant campus area on the list). 

The opening hours of the buildings can be found via this link.

Meeting rooms for supervision

If you have a single supervision meeting with a group of students the ideal solution is to use a group room. There are many available group rooms all over campus and the students book them. If you have more than one supervision meeting it can be a better solution to use the shared supervision meeting room in connection to the shared office. 

Please contact Maja Dueholm if you have any questions regarding the supervision room. 


In order to park for free at CBS, you need an electronic parking permit.

For staff: Register your car here.

Employees at CBS can also make use of the underground parking spaces at Dalgas Have, Porcelænshaven, Solbjerg Plads and Kilen. In order to use these parking spaces, you need a keycard. Please contact Maja Dueholm on this. 

Please find more information about the parking areas here.

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