CBDS policy brief series

Policy Briefs 2022-2023

"Potential and Pitfalls for African Industrialization in Chinese-built Standard Gauge Railways" by Yunnan Chen

"Electric Vehicles and the Changing Automotive GVC: A Window of Opportunity for African Countries?" by Tobias Wuttke

"Climate Change Mitigation for Late Industrialisers The Role of Technology Intensity in Manufacturing" by Elvis Korku Avenyo & Fiona Tregenna

"How China Came to Dominate the Global EV Lithium-ion Battery Value Chain: Lessons and Opportunities for Africa" by Xieshu Wang

"Current Capabilities and Future Potential of African Textile and Apparel Industries" by Lindsay Whitfield & Chema Triki

"Supporting E-mobility Start-ups in Africa: A Case Study of Ghana’s Solar Taxi Limited" by Charles Odoom & George Baffour Awuah

"Climate Change and Trade to the EU - Priority Sectors for Policy Intervention in South Africa" by Jason F. Bell, Sumayya Goga & Nishal Robb

PDF icon Lessons from Research on new Partnerships for Coastal Resource Conservation in Tanzania. Opportuna Kweka, Robert Katikiro, Rasul A. Minja and Faraja Namkesa (University of Dar Es Salaam). Nepsus Coastal Policy Brief, January 2022

PDF icon Forest Conversation Partnerships in Tanzania: Lessons Learned on Governance and Livelihood Impacts. Pilly Silvano (University of Dar Es Salaam), Mette Fog Olwig /Roskilde University), Dan Brockington (University of Sheffield), Asubisye Mwamfupe (University of Dar Es Salaam). Nepsus Forest Policy Brief, January 2022

PDF icon Sustaining Ecological and Livelihood Outcomes of Wildlife Conservation Partnerships in Tanzania. Christine Noe (University of Dar Es Salaam), Ruth John (Open University of Tanzania), Dan Brockington (University of Sheffield). Nepsus Wildlife Policy Brief, January 2022

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