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MSC participation in new Horizon 2020 project INCULTUM

Carsten Humlebaek

Associate Professors Carsten Humlebæk and Viktor Smith are project partners in the recently started project ‘Visiting the Margins. INnovative CULtural ToUrisM in European peripheries’ (INCULTUM). The project deals with the challenges and opportunities of cultural tourism with the aim of furthering sustainable social, cultural and economic development and explores the potential of marginal and peripheral areas when managed by local communities and stakeholders.


INCULTUM adopts innovative participatory approaches transforming local people into protagonists that are able to reduce negative impacts and learn from and improve good practices, which can be replicated and translated into strategies and policies. The project evolves around ten pilot cases of very different living territories and communities. Based on the findings from these pilots, the project participants identify and compare drivers and barriers that account for the success or failure of participatory models and thus innovative customised solutions will be co-created.


The pilots will also enable assessment of outcomes and analysis of the pre-conditions needed for implementing and scaling up of potential solutions. The pilots provide new quantitative and qualitative data, which can be combined with official statistics and novel data gathered by the use of self-developed IT applications. The project thus exploits previously untapped data sources through the implementation of advanced econometric methods and the use of machine-learning tools into tourism research. The findings will enable the project participants to

Viktor Smith

suggest recommendations for effective and sustainable policies and create new synergies among public and private stakeholders.


Collaborative partners

Universidad de Granada (ES, coordinator); Univerzita Mateja Bela V Banskej Bystrici (SK); Promoter SRL (IT); Syddansk Universitet (DK); Università di Pisa (IT); Uppsala Universitet (SE); G.A.I. Elimos SRL (IT); Eachtra Archaeological Projects Limited (IE), Bibracte (FR); Koinoniki Synetairistiki Epicheirisi Syllogikis i Koinonikis Ofeleias Zagoriou Ta Psila Vouna (EL); Qendra e Kerkimeve Dhe Promovimit Te Peisazheve Historiko-Arkeologjike Shqiptare (AL); Universidade do Algarve (PT); Patronato Provincial de Turismo de Granada (ES); Municipality of Permet (AL)


For further information, visit the project website or contact the MSC participants Carsten Humlebæk,, or Viktor Smith,

CBS Minor nominated for ESG award

MSC Associate Professor Kristjan Jespersen initiated the development of – and coordinates – the new ESG Minor at CBS that was recently nominated for ‘Finansforeningens ESG Pris 2020 (the 2020 ESG prize awarded by the Danish association Finansforeningen and sponsored by the association Dansif).


‘Finansforeningens ESG Pris’ is awarded to a Danish individual, organisation, or company that has increased awareness of or made progress within the ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) area.

Kristjan Jespersen

The three nominees this year were Klimarådet (The Danish Council on Climate Change), the CBS ESG Minor, and The Climate Investment Coalition (CIC). While this year’s award eventually went to Klimarådet, the nomination of the CBS ESG Minor was an important recognition of the contribution towards meeting the need for candidates to be specialised within the field of ESG and be qualified to facilitate sustainable transformation in society.


The ESG Minor at CBS, ‘Environmental Social and Governance (ESG): Metrics, Reporting and Sustainable Investments’, enrolled its first students in 2020. It consists of three courses, offered at the graduate level, which aim ‘to immerse students into the global sustainability challenges embarked upon by institutional investors, investment firms and innovative companies, to develop strategy, management systems, metrics, data quality and ESG reporting’. Coordination of the Minor is carried out by Kristjan Jespersen and Caroline Aggestam Pontoppidan, Associate Professor at the Department of Accounting. Read much more here about the minor and the courses.


Read more about the nominees to the ESG award and about the final award to Klimarådet.

For further information, please contact Kristjan Jespersen, .


MSC in the media:

A few recent MSC appearances in the (mostly Danish) media (many more references can be found in the left-hand menu under 'In the Media'):


God dataetik: Hvad skal din leder vide om dig?

Professor MSC Mikkel Flyverbom contributes to podcast about data ethics,, 24 June 2021


Virksomheder skal genbruge mere it-udstyr, mener ekspert

Associate Professor Steen Vallentin contributes to article about the recycling of IT equipment in the business world,, 14 June 2021.

See also with Steen Vallentin:
'Flere virksomheder sætter seriøse klimamål',, 26 April, 2021.
’PFA Pension, Pensam, Lærernes Pension og Danica Pension har investeret i selskaber, der har tråde til militærstyret i Myanmar’,  Jyllandsposten 13 April, 2021.
'En gang om ugen skal FLSmidth levere klimadata', Børsen, 8 March 2021.


Danish companies funded abroad: time is running out for Danish equity crowdfunding
Assistant Professor Kristian Roed Nielsen contributes to article about Danish equity crowdfunding, Økonomisk Ugebrev, 14 June 2021.

Svømmer til Spanien fra Marokko
Associate Professor Carsten Humlebæk is interviewed on Danish radio about the refugees swimming to Ceuta from Marocco, DR P1 Orientering, 30 May 2021 (11 minutes into the programme).

Read also with Carsten Humlebæk:
'Idag går befolkningen i Madrid til valg', Ræson, 4 May 2021 (subscription).

Indpakningen overbeviser dig om, at drikken er sund
Associate Professor Viktor Smith is interviewed about the significance of the packaging of products, Tænk, 17 May 2021 (subscription).


Danmarks nye leverandør af eltog vedligeholder letbaner til israelske bosættelser

Professor Andreas Rasche contributes to article about Danish use of the French company Alstom, Danwatch, 6 May 2021.

See also with Andreas Rasche:
'Vogelzang efterlader en mere bæredygtig bank', 19 April, 2021.



Introducing MSC:

The Department of Management, Society and Communication


The department came into existence on 1 January 2017 as a result of the merger of the Department of Intercultural Communication and Management and the Department of International Business Communication. Read about MSC's research profile here.


MSC moved into its new premises in Dalgas Have in August 2017. As one of CBS' largest department, it occupies most of the second floor of the building.

Dalgas Have

MSC is home to a number of Centres and research initiatives:
CBS Sustainability
Centre for Business and Development Studies (CBDS)
The BHRights Initiative - teaching and research on Business and Human Rights
The CBS Africa Initiative
CogLab - MSC’s facility for experimental research

BiS Platform secretariat
MSC hosts the joint secretariat for CBS’ three new Business-in-Society Platforms, which came into existence on 1 January 2018:
Difference & Diversity
Transformations: Technology, Data and Knowledge in the Digital Age
MSC contributes with members to all three platforms and with academic co-directorship to one of them (Transformations).

Further information about MSC

Please contact the MSC Head of Department, Dorte Salskov-Iversen or the MSC Head of Secretariat, Annika Dilling.

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