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Dr Shoshana Zuboff to be awarded an Honorary Doctorate at MSC/CBS

Department of Management, Society and Communication is delighted to announce that Dr Shoshana Zuboff has accepted to be awarded an Honorary Doctorate at MSC/CBS.


Dr Zuboff is the Charles Edward Wilson Professor Emerita at Harvard Business School, where she joined the faculty in 1981. She is also a former Faculty Associate at the Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society at Harvard Law School. Dr Zuboff was one of the first tenured women at the Harvard Business School and the youngest woman to receive an endowed chair. Prior to joining Harvard Business School, she earned her Ph.D. in social psychology from Harvard University and her B.A. in philosophy from the University of Chicago.


Dr Zuboff is one of the leading social scientists in the world in her field, and a renowned scholar, public intellectual and speaker. In particular, she is globally recognised for spearheading and shaping the critical debate on the consequences of digital transformations. Her publications on digital technologies and data-driven approaches remain indisputable classics in multiple fields of research.


Traditionally, CBS announces its new CBS Honorary Professors prior to the Annual Party, just as the new Honorary Professors are flown in for the Annual Party (usually mid March) to give their Inaugural Lecture and to be formally awarded their Honorary Doctorate. The pandemic has once more delayed and changed the established processes around this recurring event – but CBS is now finally about to prepare an official on-line welcome to this year’s distinguished newcomers to the CBS Community. So stay tuned!


Dr Zuboff, however, is not a complete newcomer to CBS and MSC: She has several connections to CBS and MSC, and has been working with the Digital Transformations Platform on several occasions. As an Honorary Professor at CBS, Dr Shoshana Zuboff will further strengthen CBS’ claim to house and develop world-class research excellence. Questions about digital transformations are presently shaping all research fields and business operations, and this makes Dr Zuboff’s research agenda and expertise valuable for a wide range of faculty members and students across CBS.


For further information, please contact Head of Department Dorte Salskov-Iversen,

New MSC research project on climate change and global value chains

Peter Lund-Thomsen

Professor MSO Peter Lund-Thomsen is the lead investigator in a new research and capacity building project, ’Climate Change and global value chains in Bangladesh’, that uses cutting-edge social science methods to investigate how the garment/textile value chains connecting Europe and Bangladesh are being reconfigured in response to climate change and COVID-19.


The project will create new academic and policy relevant knowledge by developing a conceptual framework that bridges global value chain and climate change analysis and involves the education of three PhD students from Bangladesh. Detailed fieldwork will be undertaken in Europe and Bangladesh for the project.


The four-year project (2021-25) is funded by the Development Research Council of Denmark and is undertaken in cooperation with Aalborg University, Roskilde University, BRAC University, University of Dhaka, University of Durham, the Danish Ethical Trade Initiative and Danish Fashion and Textile.


For further information about the project, please contact Peter Lund-Thomsen,

MSC in the media:

A few recent MSC appearances in the (mostly Danish) media (many more references can be found in the left-hand menu under 'In the Media'):

Vogelzang efterlader en mere bæredygtig bank
Professor Andreas Rasche is interviewed about Danske Bank, 19 April, 2021.
Sublime ghosts and capricious categories
Article by Postdoc Macon Holt about music criticism, Seismograf 19 April, 2021.
Morts du Covid-19: la pauvreté, comorbidité sous-estimée
Postdoc Clément Brebion is interviewed about the significance of poverty for Covid-19 mortality, Huffpost, 16 April, 2021.
Professorer: Du må give plads til lidt 'greenwashing'
Professor Lars Thøger Christensen is interviewed about greenwashing, 14 April, 2021.
Lektor: Vi skal beskatte techgiganter, ikke lægge en afgift på indhold
Article by Associate Professor Nanna Bonde Thylstrup about the tech giants and the news media, Altinget 14 April, 2021.

See also with Nanna Bonde Thylstrup:
DigitaltMuseum og massedigitalisering i museene: Dømt til å feile?, Museumsnytt, 1 February 2021.
PFA Pension, Pensam, Lærernes Pension og Danica Pension har investeret i selskaber, der har tråde til militærstyret i Myanmar
Associate Professor Steen Vallentin contributes to article about pension fund investments, Jyllandsposten 13 April, 2021.

See also with Steen Vallentin:
'En gang om ugen skal FLSmidth levere klimadata', Børsen, 8 March 2021.
I Skotland kan førsteministeren igen koncenterere sig om politik
Associate Professor Ole Helmersen is interviewed about the renewed efforts for Scottish independence, DR P1 Morgen (20:46 minutes into the programme), 25 March 2021.

Løsrivelsespartier vinder flertal ved valg i Catalonien
Associate Professor Carsten Humlebæk comments on the election in Catalonia, Jyllands-Posten, 15 February 2021.

Så lidt giver nødhjælpsorganisation til ulandsprojekter
Associate Professor Søren Jeppesen contributes to article about the aid organisation UFF-Humana, Ekstrabladet, 8 February 2021.

Introducing MSC:

The Department of Management, Society and Communication


The department came into existence on 1 January 2017 as a result of the merger of the Department of Intercultural Communication and Management and the Department of International Business Communication. Read about MSC's research profile here.


MSC moved into its new premises in Dalgas Have in August 2017. As one of CBS' largest department, it occupies most of the second floor of the building.

Dalgas Have

MSC is home to a number of Centres and research initiatives:
CBS Sustainability
Centre for Business and Development Studies (CBDS)
The BHRights Initiative - teaching and research on Business and Human Rights
The CBS Africa Initiative
CogLab - MSC’s facility for experimental research

BiS Platform secretariat
MSC hosts the joint secretariat for CBS’ three new Business-in-Society Platforms, which came into existence on 1 January 2018:
Difference & Diversity
Transformations: Technology, Data and Knowledge in the Digital Age
MSC contributes with members to all three platforms and with academic co-directorship to one of them (Transformations).

Further information about MSC

Please contact the MSC Head of Department, Dorte Salskov-Iversen or the MSC Head of Secretariat, Annika Dilling.

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