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Mikkel Larsen new Adjunct Professor at MSC

MSC welcomed its new Adjunct Professor in sustainable finance, Mikkel Larsen, on 23 October, when he gave his inaugural lecture in Dalgas Have.


In his lecture, ‘Measuring what matters’, Mikkel Larsen discussed the challenges of establishing credible measuring systems capable of capturing and communicating the impact of Sustainability initiatives, with a particular focus on the role (and potential) of the financial sector.


About Mikkel Larsen

Mikkel Larsen is the Chief Sustainability Officer of DBS – the largest bank in South

    Mikkel Larsen with Dorte Salskov-Iversen and Søren Hvidkjær

Mikkel Larsen between Head of Department Dorte Salskov-Iversen and Dean of Research Søren Hvidkjær.

East Asia. As such,he is responsible for the strategic initiatives relating to sustainability in the bank. He holds a Master of Science in Auditing and Accounting from CBS (1999) and is a State Authorised Public Accountant (2001). He has an Executive MBA from London Business School (2010), supplemented with executive education at Harvard.

The trajectory of Mikkel Larsen's distinguished career in London, Hong Kong and since 2012 in Singapore is noteworthy for the way he has gradually become an internationally recognised expert in green finance of high standing, both in the financial sector, with financial regulators and in the global organisations and networks that address sustainable transitions.


From the vantage point of his current position in DBS, Mikkel Larsen is uniquely poised to inspire and support CBS’s efforts to further develop its edge in research and teaching related to Corporate Sustainability and Responsible Business & Management. He is the author and co-author of a large number of reports and articles on different aspects of green finance and integrated reporting (including a recent report on forest restoration & the role of finance). Moreover, Mikkel Larsen is also a frequent speaker and panelist at Singapore’s foremost universities, NUS, Nanyang and SMU on topics ranging from the purpose of companies to creating sustainable outcomes at scale.


Further information about the new Adjunct Professorship: Dorte Salskov-Iversen,

MSC VELUX Endowed Chair and CBS World Class Research Environment -
coming to the end of a five-year period of collaboration

        CBS President Nikolaj Malchow-Møller
(Photo: CBS President Nikolaj Malchow-Møller speaks at the closing event of the two research initiatives, Governing Responsible Business and the VELUX Endowed Chair in Corporate Sustainability, on 20 June 2019)

The beginnings
In 2014, two major research initiatives were established at CBS to explore and strengthen research in corporate sustainability and responsible governance: a VELUX Endowed Chair in Corporate Sustainability was created thanks to a generous grant from the VILLUM FOUNDATION, and Governing Responsible Business (GRB), a CBS ‘World Class Research Environment’, came into existence as part of an internal, five-year funding scheme at CBS.


During the ensuing five years, the two initiatives have cooperated closely on research projects and sustainability initiatives under the respective leadership of Jeremy Moon, the VELUX Professor of Corporate Sustainability, and Professors Andreas Rasche and Dan Kärreman, Co-Directors of GRB.

From their base at MSC, the two initiatives have functioned as a channel for research collaboration and teaching initiatives across CBS; together, they have contributed to increasing the visibility and impact of sustainability-related research internationally; and through numerous seminars, conferences, and other forms of outreach, they have provided a valuable forum for discussion of sustainability issues with practitioners in businesses and organisations.


(Photo to the right: GRB Co-Directors Andreas Rasche and Dan Kärreman, on either side of Professor Esben Rahbek Gjerdrum Pedersen, who was a co-founder of GRB)

Professors Andreas Rasche, Esben Rahbek Gjerdrum Pedersen, and Dan Kärreman

Main research themes have included core areas of Corporate Sustainability and CSR (such as international supply chains, sustainable business models, sustainable consumption, CSR communication, anti-corruption, CSR and gender, and human and labour rights), as well as the exploration of multiple aspects of governance and responsible business (such as the roles of Multi-stakeholder initiatives, cross sector partnerships, private authority and public policy, and national government and international CSR).


This has resulted in numerous publications in leading business and management journals and other social science journals. Furthermore, the projects led to the production of a new senior text Corporate Social Responsibility: Strategy, Communication and Governance (Cambridge University Press) edited by Andreas Rasche, Mette Morsing and Jeremy Moon.
Click here for more information about the research of GRB and the Velux Endowed Chair.

PhDs Erin Leitheiser and Luisa Murphy, with Professor Jeremy Moon and Research assistant Louise Thomsen


A particular area of focus has been the training of junior scholars. The grant from the Villum Foundation has funded two PhD students and three postdocs since 2014. GRB gave special support to more junior scholars through grants for research trips and specialist workshops and courses, and through paper development workshops.


Together they have thus enabled the two initiatives to make a significant contribution to the development of new knowledge and competencies within the field.

(Photo above: The two PhD students funded by the Velux Chair, Erin Leitheiser and Luisa Murphy, on either side of Velux Professor Jeremy Moon. Louise Thomsen, Project Manager of the initiative, on the far left)


Although the two research initiatives are formally coming to a close now, their research focus and many of their activities continue. In particular, two new research grants have emerged from the work of the VELUX Chair: a Danida grant to study the regulation of international supply chains from Bangladesh, and a Carlsberg grant to study models of sustainable supply chains from Ethiopia.


The CBS Sustainability centre (formerly cbsCSR), also located at MSC, carries on as the hub for the new research projects and teaching output at MSC and across CBS, and it will continue to host the fellowship programmes and collaboration with scholars around the world, as well as the Business of Society (BOS) Blog and other outreach activities. Professor Jeremy Moon was appointed Director of CBS Sustainability as of 1 July 2019.


More information about:

The Velux Endowed Chair in Corporate Sustainability

Governing Responsible Business

CBS Sustainability

The closing event on 20 June 2019 (From Global Goals to Local Impact)

Read an interview with Professors Jeremy Moon and Andreas Rasche in CBS Wire

For further info., please contact Jeremy Moon,, or Andreas Rasche,

MSC in the Danish media:

A few recent MSC appearances in the Danish media (many more references can be found in the left-hand menu under 'In the Media'):

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Professor Stefano Ponte participates in live streamed event about his newly published book,, 12 November 2019.

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Associate Professor Ole Helmersen comments on the upcoming election in the UK, DR P1 Morgen, 30 October 2019 (one hour and eight minutes into the programme).

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Bacon, Boris, Brexit and Barnaby, cphPost online, 27 October 2019.
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Ole Helmersen talks about Boris Johnson's wish to have an election, DR P1 Morgen, 5 September 2019.
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Ole Helmersen talks about the prorogation of Parliament on the radio, DR P1 Morgen, 29 August 2019
Boris Johnson optrapper brexit-krig: 'Virkelig hård kost', BT, 15 August 2019.

Den nemme løsning
MSC PhD graduate Mia Olsen is interviewed about her PhD dissertation on mobile payment solutions, Finansforbundet, 22 October 2019.
Uro i Catalonien skaber kaos før spansk valg
Associate Professor Carsten Humlebæk comments on the unrest in Catalonia, Politiken, 14 October 2019.
Tech klumme af Mikkel Flyverbom

Professor Mikkel Flyverbom: 'Lige nu er det de hurtige, grådige og skamløse firmaer, der tager fortjenesten og undergraver dele af vores samfund', Politiken, 10 October 2019.

Other articles about technology with contributions from Mikkel Flyverbom:
'Digital overvågning: Selvom man er paranoid, kan man godt være forfulgt', Politiken, 23 August 2019
'Overvågningskapitalisternes mål er at kontrollere vores adfærd', Information, 9 April 2019
'Techtopia #94: Kan AI påvirke medier og demokrati?' Ingeniøren 4 March, 2019.
'Vi begraver fornuften i ord som disruption og algoritmer', Politiken 23 Februar, 2019.
'Markedet er ikke klar: sådan undgår vores virksomheder at forhaste sig på det teknologiske felt', Finans, 5 February 2019.
'Taberne: Værdier kan blive dyre', Politiken 14 January, 2019.
'Skal samfundets digitale rygrad være 'Made in China'?', Politiken 14 January, 2019.

as well as a list of earlier articles in Politiken by Mikkel Flyverbom.


Selvom de lovede at stoppe: Kommuner hælder stadig skattekroner i sorte aktier

Associate Professor Steen Valentin comments on municipal investment in oil and gas companies,, 8 October 2019.

Read also:
'Fra brug-og-smid-væk til brug-og-genanvend', Steen Vallentin comments on the introduction of circular economy in Danish business,, 19 September 2019.


Introducing MSC:

The Department of Management, Society and Communication


The department came into existence on 1 January 2017 as a result of the merger of the Department of Intercultural Communication and Management and the Department of International Business Communication. Read about MSC's research profile here.


MSC moved into its new premises in Dalgas Have in August 2017. As one of CBS' largest department, it occupies most of the second floor of the building.

Dalgas Have

MSC is home to a number of Centres and research initiatives:

CBS Sustainability
Centre for Business and Development Studies (CBDS)
CBS World Class Research Environment ‘Governing Responsible Business’ (GRB)
VELUX Endowed Chair in Corporate Sustainability
The BHRights Initiative - teaching and research on Business and Human Rights
The CBS Africa Initiative
CogLab - MSC’s facility for experimental research

BiS Platform secretariat
MSC hosts the joint secretariat for CBS’ three new Business-in-Society Platforms, which came into existence on 1 January 2018:
Difference & Diversity
Transformations: Technology, Data and Knowledge in the Digital Age
MSC contributes with members to all three platforms and with academic co-directorship to one of them (Transformations).

PRME office
MSC also houses the CBS Office of Responsible Management Education (PRME). The office aims to ensure that the UN principles for responsible management education are an integral part of CBS core activities both in research and education. PRME shares its facilities at MSC with oikos Copenhagen, the Danish chapter of an international non-profit student-driven organization on sustainable economics and management, and Transparency International, an organisation working to prevent corruption.

Further information about MSC

Please contact the MSC Head of Department, Dorte Salskov-Iversen or the MSC Head of Secretariat, Annika Dilling.

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