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Associate Professor Nanna Bonde Thylstrup receives ERC grant

Nanna Bonde Thylstrup, Associate Professor at MSC, has received one of the prestigious ERC Starting Grants for her new research project, 'Data loss: the politics of disappearance, destruction and dispossession in digital societies' (DALOSS).


With the new project, Nanna Bonde Thylstrup will explore the many, as yet not fully understood, aspects of everyday data loss, including how the loss of data is defined and how it is perceived.


We are taught to believe that we live in an age of data accumulation, and that it is this accumulation that enables both the scientific advances and political and ethical challenges we face today. Yet, the premise of Thylstrup’s project is that every technological revolution also always entails a loss.

Nanna Bonde Thylstrup


Empirically, the project will focus on three archival regimes of loss: web archives, public administrations and community archives. Attending to loss as a structural and generative condition of datafication will help us understand not only how, but also why data-driven societies “forget”. What is at stake in the research agenda of DALOSS is two-fold: an immediate challenge to visions of datafication as simple progress or accumulation, and a more fundamental deepening of knowledge of how new digital regimes of loss generate future ethical and political relations.    


The project will run for 5 years and will involve a project team of 4 scholars: Nanna Bonde Thylstrup, one PhD and two postdocs. The advisory board consists of Louise Amoore (Durham University), Orit Halpern (TU Dresden), Geoffrey Bowker (UC Irvine), Taina Bucher (University of Oslo) and Niels Brügger (Aarhus University).


The ERC Starting Grants are funded by the European Research Council, the European funding organisation for excellent frontier research. The Starting Grants are given to ‘excellent younger scientists, who have 2 to 7 years’ experience after their PhDs, to launch their own projects, form their teams and pursue their most promising ideas’ (read more on the ERC website).


Read more about Nanna Bonde Thylstrup’s ERC grant in this CBS News item. For further information, contact Nanna Bonde Thylstrup,


MSC in the media:

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Associate Professor Meike Janssen comments on sustainability assessment in article about the Danish Sprout pencil company, Børsen, 14 November 2022.

Introducing MSC:

The Department of Management, Society and Communication


The department came into existence on 1 January 2017 as a result of the merger of the Department of Intercultural Communication and Management and the Department of International Business Communication. Read about MSC's research profile here.


MSC moved into its new premises in Dalgas Have in August 2017. As one of CBS' largest department, it occupies most of the second floor of the building.

Dalgas Have

MSC is home to a number of Centres and research initiatives:
CBS Sustainability
Centre for Business and Development Studies (CBDS)
The BHRights Initiative - teaching and research on Business and Human Rights
The ESG Academic & Practitioner Network
CogLab - MSC’s facility for experimental research
The Critical Digital Methods Lab

BiS Platform secretariat
MSC hosts the joint secretariat for CBS’ three new Business-in-Society Platforms, which came into existence on 1 January 2018:
Difference & Diversity
Transformations: Technology, Data and Knowledge in the Digital Age
MSC contributes with members to all three platforms and with academic co-directorship to one of them (Transformations).

Further information about MSC

Please contact the MSC Head of Department, Dorte Salskov-Iversen or the MSC Head of Secretariat, Annika Dilling.

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