Procedure for inviting new members to join

The BHRights Initiative

The BHRights Initiative grows organically by our members introducing new potential members to the Initiative. We are growing from being a mainly European group to becoming a group with members from regions around the world, with members representing a variety of disciplines. This organic expansion is a great asset for the group.

Members wishing to invite others with BHRights-relevant expertise to join should start by referring the potential members to our website ( Here they will be able to see information on our background, aims, activities, mode of operation, and current members, and procedure for joining.

Participants at actual meetings of The BHRights Initiative (such as the annual meeting at the UN Forum on Business and Human Rights) should be members of the Initiative, as these meetings function as general meetings of the Initiative. 

Potential members are welcome to join academic events organized by or in connection with The BHRights Initiative.

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