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The CBS Africa Initiative plans to host a series of events during the next couple of years. The programme has yet to be finalised but is expected to include:

2-3 workshops for members of the Initiative each semester. For the autumn of 2018 the workshops will focus on contributions to the Africa Journal of Management (AJoM) and on the presentation of ongoing projects.

Seminars for external key stakeholders, on topics such as ‘SDGs and Danish Private Investments in Africa’ (a discussion of the contributions to the SDGs from public and private actors and share experiences on how to move further on the global goals) and ‘Promoting development through Partnership projects in Africa’ (with presentations by Danish companies, interest associations and Civil Society Organisations undertaking business on the Continent).

The first seminar takes place in the spring of 2019:

Seminar with Dr Kate Wright, University of Edinburgh, Digital Humanitarianism in Africa - presentation followed by open discussion and a short reception.
Time and place:Friday, March 8, 2019 - 14:00 to 16:00,
Dalgas Have, room 2Ø.071 (second floor east wing)
Registration: Please sign up by sending an email to Juliane Lang,
Contents and programme can be found on the event page.

A conference on ‘Africa in Business – Business in Africa (ABBA) in the summer 2020. The conference will present research on Africa by CBS, African and other scholars, showcase teaching initiatives on Africa from CBS and elsewhere, and highlight funding and investment initiatives from a range of stakeholders (private firms, foundations, public institutions and international organisations). Existing and planned activities with CBS and external parties will be promoted. The conference will include keynote presentations, breakaway sessions, poster sessions, video presentations and more.


Past activities with participation by CBS Africa Initiative members:

Members of the Initiative participate in a wide range of activities related to research and outreach about Africa, both at CBS and beyond. Some of these are listed below:

  • Participation in the annual CAE conference, Center of African Economics, Roskilde University, 3-4 December, 2018
    Presenters from CBS/MSC: Lisa Ann Richey, Stefano Ponte, Michael W. Hansen and Søren Jeppesen.
  • Africa Initiative workshop on ‘Management Practices in Africa’, Copenhagen Business School, 15 November, 2018
    Organised by Michael Moll (CBS/SI), with presentations by Daniela Scur (London School of Economics) and David Zoogah (Xavier University).

  • Africa Initiative project seminar on ‘The Firm in the Informal Economy’, Copenhagen Business School, 11 October, 2018
    With presentations by Marcus M. Larsen (CBS/SI), Caroline Witte (CBS/SI), Selorm Ableze (CBS/SI) and Kent Jensen (LO-FTF Council).
  • Africa Initiative project seminar on ‘New partnerships for sustainability in Africa (NEPSUS)’, Copenhagen Business School, 17 September, 2018
    With presentations by Asubisye Mwamfupe (University of Dar es Salaam), Christine Noe (University of Dar es Salaam), Stefano Ponte (CBS/MSC).


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