AIP21 Network

The African Industrial Policy in the 21st Century (AIP21) network brings together scholars to share research results and outline a new research agenda in view of developing new thinking for a green and resilient industrial policy in Africa for the 21st century.

The central concern of AIP21 is to understand major development challenges and inform strategies for social and economic transformation on the African continent. It starts from the premise that understanding power through a political economy lens is critical to analyze the main developments. Sustainability and pandemic resilience for African countries requires building production capabilities for inclusive industrialization and implementing market-shaping measures for a green transition.

AIP21 researchers have undertaken detailed analyses of industries, value chains and technologies, within and across African countries, and of the interface between local and international interests in generating and sustaining economic rents. They are at the forefront of advancing theory and knowledge in industrial and agro-industrial development, global value chains and the political economy of industrialization.

The steering committee members of the AIP21 network are based at Copenhagen Business School, University of Johannesburg in South Africa, and the African Centre for Economic Transformation in Accra, Ghana.

Green Industrialization in Africa workshop series, 2022-2023

The AIP21 Network is organizing a series of workshops on the topic of green industrialization in Africa, with co-funding from DANIDA’s Knowledge in Action grant.

The first workshop was held at Copenhagen Business School in June 2022, featuring a public lecture on Investor Opportunities in Green Infrastructure in Africa and a roundtable on the question Can African Countries Leapfrog to a Green Industrial Economy?.

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