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The VELUX Team at the Pre-Egos event hosted in collaboration with the Governing Responsible Business Environment June 2017.

Appointed Positions

Year Organization Appointee / Position
2017 Sustainable Campus Hackaton Jeremy Moon and Louise Thomsen / Jury panel members
2016 ASEAN CSR Network Jeremy Moon / Honorary Academic Advisor
- Business and Society, Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management Jeremy Moon / Journal Editorial Board Membership
September 2015 Business Ethics: A European Review Lauren McCarthy / Associate Editor
The Annual Review of Social Partnerships Lauren McCarthy / Section Editor
2012 - 2017 EGOS Business and Society Standing Working Group Jeremy Moon / Co-Convenor
2011 - Cambridge University Press series Business, Value Creation and Society Jeremy Moon / Co-Editor  (with R. Edward Freeman and Mette Morsing)
Date Title and event


June 2019 'Implementing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Universities' at CBS Engagement Day, Copenhagen, Denmark Louise Thomsen

June 2018

'Shared Goals, Different Logics: Comparison of MSIs and BLIs as collaborative business models for sustainability' at the 6th biennial International Symposium on Cross-Sector Social Interactions (CSSI 2018), Copenhagen, Denmark


Shared Goals, Different Logics: Comparison of MSIs and BLIs as collaborative business models for sustainability 

Erin Leitheiser

June 2018

'Collaborative Governance Interactions on Anti-Corruption through the prism of the ASEAN CSR Network' at the 6th biennial International Symposium on Cross-Sector Social Interactions (CSSI 2018), Copenhagen, Denmark

Luisa Murphy

October 2017

'ASEAN CSR: issues in the region' at a Meeting on ACN Strategy 2018-2022, Singapore Luisa Murphy
September 2017 'Copenhagen Business School and the Sustainable Development Goals', PRME Ministers Programme, CBS Louise Thomsen
September 2017 'CSR as a research focus', Japan Forum for Business and Society, 7th Conference, PhD Workshop, Tokyo, Japan Jeremy Moon
September 2017 Key note: 'Governance for Sustainable Enterprise', Japan Forum for Business and Society, 7th Conference, Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan Jeremy Moon
Spring 2017 'CSR and Sustainability in International Supply Chains'. Featured speaker for oikos Academy Series. Erin Leitheiser
December 2016 'CSR and Leadership' public talk to Yale International Fox Fellowship Jeremy Moon
November 2016 'The role of consumers and civil society in promoting responsible supply chains' guest lecture to CSR in Action (MSc) students at Copenhagen Business School Erin Leitheiser
November 2016 “Turkey Ethical Trading Platform Launch” attended on behalf of CBS to learn, cooperate, and identify potential research collaboration opportunities Erin Leitheiser
September 2016 ‘Danish CSR in Context’ to a visiting delegation to the CBS Executive Education from China, 28 September 2016 Jeremy Moon
September 2016 ‘Asian Perspectives on CSR’ to a visiting delegation to CBS from the Indian Institute of Management Lucknow, 6 September 2016 Jeremy Moon
August 2016 'Translating strategies of boundary spanners within an MNC: the case of CSR reporting' at the Academy of Management 2016 Annual Meeting Jeremy Moon
August 2016 'Gender, CSR and Feminist Organization Studies: Mapping the Theoretical Terrain' at the Academy of Management 2016 Annual Meeting Kate Grosser and Jeremy Moon
June 2016 Keynote Address 'Institutionalizing CSR' Singapore, ASEAN CSR Network Jeremy Moon
April 2016 'Gender, Business and Development' guest lecture to MSc students at the ICCSR, University of Nottingham, UK. Lauren McCarthy
March 2016 'Slow and steady wins the race: Cases of CSV in the U.S. Banking and Retail Industries' to a visiting MBA class from the Kellogg School of Management. Erin Leitheiser
April 2015 'Corporate social responsibility: a very short introduction' at the Chipping Norton Literary Festival Jeremy Moon
2015 'Government policies for CSR in Europe' United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment at the Triple Bottom Line International Conference, Copenhagen Business School Jeremy Moon


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Blog Posts by the Velux team




Feminism hasn’t sold out even if it’s being used as a marketing tool

Lauren McCarthy and Kate Grosser
04/10/18 Three ways to integrate sustainability in business schools Jeremy Moon (and Rieneke Slager)

Raising the bar for sustainable events

Louise Thomsen

"Publish or Perish"

Luisa Murphy

Wonder Tech and the Institution of Gender

Jeremy Moon


Who is Responsible for Educating Students in the World’s Agenda on Sustainable Development, if not Universities?

Louise Thomsen


About Meta-MSIs and Private Governance

Luisa Murphy


Role Reversal: When Business Safeguards the Public Good

Erin Leitheiser


Empowerment Inc.

Lauren McCarthy


’Make Feminism Radical Again’

Jeremy Moon


Universities – Front Runners or Falling Behind The Green Transition?

Louise Thomsen


Gender Matters: ‘There’s nothing so practical as a good theory’

Kate Grosser


Business integrity, ideas and developments in the ASEAN way

Luisa Murphy


Who’s responsibility is it, anyway?

Erin Leitheiser


CSR is Dead. Long Live CSR

Jeremy Moon (and Andreas Rasche and Mette Morsing)


Rising Inequality and Political Backlash

Kate Grosser


Let’s not waste the crisis of a Trump Presidency

Dirk Matten


How Could the Democrats Get it so Wrong?

Jette Steen Knudsen


The F-Word in Denmark

Lauren McCarthy


Trump, Anti-Intellectualism and the New Role for Business

Erin Leitheiser


CSR in Asia – A Learner’s Reflections

Jeremy Moon


Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility

Jeremy Moon
Sustainable Event Guide

The Sustainable Event Guide is based on the VELUX Chair’s experiences from hosting the Sustainable Consumption Conference 2018. It offers concrete suggestions for how you can work with sustainability in your event, and it doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated.

Download the Sustainable Event Guide for CBS here

See more about the Sustainable Consumption Conference 2018 in the video below. 

oikos CBS

The VELUX project supports oikos Copenhagen, the international student-driven organization for sustainability. CBS is home to the oikos Copenhagen chapter, which brings together students interested in environmental, social and financial sustainability and responsible business by providing a platform for learning, networking and hands-on opportunities. oikos hosts and contributes to many real-world projects like supporting CBS Green Week, providing learning and collaboration opportunities through oikos Academy, and hosting the social entrepreneurship competition, Develop Prize.


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