Centre for Business and Development Studies


Research profile

CBDS’s research identity and agenda

CBDS is a multi-disciplinary center that combines business economic and management disciplines with other disciplines within social sciences in order to study both intra-firm issues (the organization, capabilities and strategies of firms and organizations in developing countries), inter-firm issues (collaboration and competition between firms in developing countries), and the relations of firms in developing countries with the local and global economic, institutional and cultural context.

CBDS researchers are conducting research in a number of fields, including:

  • Entrepreneurship in developing countries
  • The development and upgrading of firms and industries in developing countries
  • Organization and governance of global value chains in industries such as apparel, automotive and agriculture
  • MNC strategy in emerging markets
  • Corporate social and environmental responsibility of business in developing countries
  • Labor organization in developing countries
  • Cross-cultural management and business cooperation in developing countries
  • The rise of emerging market MNCs
  • Development impacts of foreign direct investment
  • The interplay between business, state and civil society including public-private partnership
  • The role of private sector development

CBDS researchers have experience from several developing countries, including:

  • Asia (e.g. India, Vietnam, China, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Malaysia),
  • Africa (e.g. South Africa, Uganda, Ghana, Zambia, Mali, Tanzania and Kenya),
  • Latin America (e.g. Brazil, Chile, Columbia and Mexico).

CBDS staff has broad experiences in conducting field research in developing/emerging markets

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