Governing Responsible Business 2014-2019



The ‘Governing Responsible Business’ (GRB) was a multi-disciplinary research environment that combined the research on three different levels; societal, organizational, and individual. The research area addressed by the GRB research environment were conceptualized by contrasting two dimensions: (a) whether businesses act as governance makers or governance takers in the context of responsible business and (b) the respective level of scholarly analysis (i.e. societal, organizational, and individual).

The main research areas are illustrated in the following table


(Production of Governance for Responsible Business)

(Adoption of Governance for
Responsible Business)

Societal Level

Design of new forms of governance for responsible business / emergence of new organizational forms (e.g. multi-stakeholder initiatives). Uptake of standards/policies for responsible business on country/sector level / new forms of legislation and action plans on national level.

Organizational Level

Organizational dynamics within new organizational forms (e.g. UN reform, NGO-business partnerships) / resistance and control within/by organizations. Organizational communication and change processes when adopting standards for responsible business / resistance against standards.

Individual Level

Individual leadership/resistance in organizational and institutional change processes while “producing” governance / role of boundary spanners. Impact of governance arrangements on individuals (e.g. consumers) / role of individual leadership/resistance in adoption processes (e.g. micro-politics).

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