Are you interested in sustainability? Give your academic profile a sustainable edge by taking one of the courses organised by CBS Sustainability's faculty.

Sustainability courses at CBS

Sustainability continues to be an increasingly important area of business studies, and the sustainability research carried out at the Centre for Sustainability covers diverse topics such as public policy, consumer behavior, corporate responsibility and much more.

The courses organised by the Centre for Sustainability faculty provide the student with access to knowledge and insights from leading sustainability researchers. Sustainability courses are an excellent way for students from any programme to build a unique academic profile.

Copenhagen Business School offers a variety of courses related to sustainability which are either contributed to or coordinated by the Centre for Sustainability’s faculty. Below is an overview of the courses offered through the Centre for Sustainability for the academic year 2023/2024.

Copenhagen urban challenge

Students visiting a goat enclosure at the urban challenge in Copenhagen, 2015.

Master level courses

Course title


Semester start

Course coordinator

Achieving the SDGs: Environmental Sustainability for Organizations Elective Autumn, Spring Kristjan Jespersen
Achieving the SDGs: Feeding the Future of Sustainability Elective Autumn Kristjan Jespersen
Africa, Global Value Chains and Development Mandatory offered as elective Spring Stefano Ponte
Blockchain and Sustainable Digital Infrastructures for Business Elective Autumn, Spring Kristjan Jespersen
Business and Human Rights: Governance, SDGs and Fair Transitions Elective Autumn Karin Buhmann
Business Strategy in Developing Countries and Emerging Markets Mandatory First Quarter Søren Jeppesen
Circular Economies and Sustainable Development Goals Elective Summer Martin Skrydstrup
Consulting for Sustainability - Harnessing Business Models and Innovation Elective Autumn, Spring Kristjan Jespersen
Consumer Culture and Market Segmentation Elective Spring Fumiko Kano Glückstad
Corporate Political Responsibility in Theory and Practice Elective Autumn Jeremy Moon
Corporate Social Responsibility in Global Supply Chains Elective Autumn Esben Rahbek Gjerdrum Pedersen
CSR - Managing the Social Impact of Business Mandatory Spring Steen Vallentin
Ethical Consumption, Celebrities and Development Elective Spring Stefano Ponte
Field Study: Entrepreneurship and Private Sector Development in Uganda Elective Spring Søren Jeppesen
Forbrugerindsigt i praksis: Case analyse Mandatory Spring Kristian Roed Nielsen
Globalization: Practives, Perspecrives and Ideologies Mandatory offered as elective Autumn Lisa Ann Richey
International Business, Responsibility and Communication Mandatory offered as elective Spring Dennis Schoeneborn
Organizations and Society Mandatory Third Quarter Tanusree Jain
Organisational Change Mandatory Second Quarter Dennis Schoeneborn

Poverty, Sustainability and the Private Sector

Elective Autumn Andrew Crabtree
Responsible Business - A SIGMA Virtual Team Work Elective Elective Second Quarter Kai Hockerts
Responsible Value Chains ‐ A Path to Sustainable Development? Mandatory Second Quarter Peter Lund-Thomsen
Social Entrepreneurship: Creating Social Change Using the Power of Entrepreneurship Elective Autumn Kai Hockerts

Societal Actors, Issues and Agendas

Mandatory offered as elective Spring Anne Vestergaard
Strategy and Communication Mandatory offered as elective Autumn Lars Thøger Christensen

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