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The BHRights Initiative

Thanks for your interest in being part of The BHRight Initiative. To find out more about our group, please take a look at the items in the left-hand menu (under The BHRights Inistiative). Here you will be able to see information on the Initiative’s background, aims, activities, and current members, and mode of operation as an organically growing interdisciplinary group providing an academic identity to participants with a commitment to Business and Human Rights (BHR).

As you will notice, The BHRights Initiative runs on the commitment, interest and passion of members. We do not have funding, and we do not ask members to pay fees, but we do encourage members to take opportunities to share information on BHR-related events and take opportunities to contribute in other ways, for example by making use of options for organizing workshops or other events including members of the BHRights Initiative in the margins of other events (larger conferences etc).

If after reading the information on the website you find there is a relevant connection to your research and/or teaching, send an email to the lead of The BHRights Initiative, Karin Buhmann (, briefly explaining how your research and/or teaching fits the aims of The BHRights Initiative and providing a link to your website so that we can create a link from your name on the list of members.

We ask that members send this information themselves in order to ensure that our members are in charge of the information that is accessible through the links in the list of members.

As The BHRights Initiative runs without economic or special secretarial resources, we depend on all members to actively help communicate information.

Our communication within the group is quite low-tech. To communicate with the group, please ‘reply all’ to the most recent message that you have received from Karin Buhmann (that message will include the most recent members of the group). You may wish to create a file in your email system to store these messages. Of course, you may also communicate with individual members of the group.

We are also happy to share information on BHR-related events (seminars, workshops, conference, publications, courses etc) at the website, and have limited secretarial assistance for this. To get information on your events uploaded, please send an email to Merete Borch ( with a text that can be copy-pasted on to the BHRights website.

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