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Teaching facilitation


How to get teaching activities

CBS has a quite complex matrix structure. At CBS, the director of each study program decides which kind of teaching is available to you.

Therefore, if you have not already planned your teaching activities, please contact the relevant director of the study program to get more activities (teaching, supervision, examination etc.).

It is possible for you to teach at all CBS programs – not only the ones MSC is involved in – as long as you don’t exceed the allowed 700 working hours. On the CBS web you can find all study programs at CBS and in the CBS course catalogue you can find all mandatory courses and electives offered at CBS.

E-learning tools and academic development

Academic Development
As a professional at CBS you have a lot of possibilities to develop your skills. Academic Development has a strong team of ambassadors that can help you in different areas. Each ambassador represents specific areas and they are all academic people who have had hands on experience with the respective areas.
Overall Academic Development can help you within these three categories:

  • Course Development
  • Personal Development
  • Pedagogical Development

You can find more information at the Academic Development website.

Learning to teach course
CBS offers the course “grundlæggende universitetspædagogik” to all external teachers (The English version is called “Learning to teach”). The course is mandatory and you get paid for participating (15 hours). At MSC we strongly recommend that you attend the course.

Please follow this link to sign up for a course.

CBS Teach
CBS Teach is an educational service provided by CBS. CBS Teach provides a portal with technical and human resources for teaching with information and communication technologies. Several different software and tools are already available from this website enabling you to begin today. CBS Teach is also a gateway to the teacher training courses offered by CBS Academic Development.

The CBS library is located at Solbjerg Plads. Materials can be requested by using the Hermes system on the Internet. If you need information about the different services the library provides or if you want to learn the rules of copying etc., please use this link. Here you can also find an application form if you want to become a new patron. MSC's contact person at the library is Søren Madsen, email: - phone: 38 15 37 21.


Exams at CBS take place in many different ways and a number of things must be considered in connection with exams. Therefore, it is very important that you always consult the study programme or the course coordinator when conducting or being involved with exams at CBS.

The examination

The assessment of the student is based on the course’s goals and learning objectives which can be found in the course description. Always make sure to have it during the examination.

At CBS we have the following examination forms:

  • Oral exams
  • Synopsis
  • Mini project
  • Written exams
  • Take-home exams
  • Case exams
  • Oral defense (thesis)


The assessment is based on an overall evaluation of the student’s performance, which considers:

  • The extend of fulfilling the learning objectives
  • The number and the essence of the weaknesses

All grading is individual in Denmark. Even if a project and/or exam is done in a group the grade will be given for the individual performance.

At CBS, grades do not include homework performance, participation in class, or similar (however, it is possible to require passing of take-home assignments before being allowed to participate in the final exam). Only the exam paper and/or the performance in the examination room is included in the assessment.


Shared office

If you need an office to prepare your teaching, you are welcome to use our shared office at Dalgas Have 15. However, please notice that it is a small office.

For further information and to borrow a key, please contact Inga Rosenberg


Important websites

CBSLearn is the electronic teaching platform at CBS. Use the same login and password as for your CBS mail. You can upload teaching-related information such as semester plans, course plans and syllabi, just as the students can hand in assignments and exam related assignments.

CBSLearn is divided into programmes and courses. If you do not have access to your courses at Learn, please contact the Maja Dueholm or Ann Bøttern Jensen, or the relevant course administrators  to get access.
You can check the timetable of each course you teach at, by doing the following:
(For English version just click on “Click Here For English Timetables” at the bottom of the page.)

  • Choose “course timetable” (in the left side of the screen)
  • In the “Filter” box, write some of the course name or course code and click “view timetable”.
  • If several possibilities come up, choose the right one and click “view timetable”

We recommend that you choose to view only the first week of the schedule (the week in which the course starts) and then look through all the weeks by clicking “next week” in the lower right corner of the screen.
Instead of checking the timetables of each class you teach you can compile all your courses (with time and room information) in the CBS Calendar.

Just do the following:

  • Access CBS Calendar via this link.
  • Log in with your CBS-login
  • Click on the little tool icon after “Courses”
  • Find the courses you teach (search by either course code or title) and click somewhere at the screen outside the “change courses” box




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