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CogLab is MSC’s main facility for experimental research. It functions both as a laboratory for conducting experimental studies on the cognitive processes of users and consumers, and a centre for research methods which offers courses and consultations on how to use quantitative methods and statistical analyses.


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Among MSC's concerns is the communication challenges faced by international businesses and organisations operating across different languages and cultures. A particular focus is on the communicative processes that occur between businesses/organisations and their users and consumers.

At CogLab, we address these issues by running experiments on users and consumers, using words, texts, pictures, films, and multimodal objects (e.g., food packages) as stimuli, and accuracy scores, rating scales, reaction times, and eye movements as indirect behavioural measures. The logic behind the experiments is that reaction times and eye movements give us information about cognitive processes, reactions and emotions which may be automatised or subconscious and therefore otherwise hard to investigate. We work with researchers from MSC and other departments from CBS as well as with external stakeholders. Learn more about our existing research here.

CogLab is located at Dalgas Have, 2C.004, and contains four computer workstations and four laptops installed with experimental software (for presenting stimuli and recording responses), two rooms with eye trackers (devices for recording eye movements as indirect measures of cognitive processes), an AV room (for recording interviews, focus groups, and conversations in a naturalistic setting), and an anechoic cell for studies requiring high quality sound recordings. In addition to providing experimental equipment and assistance, we provide help with research design, for both experiments and other types of quantitative research, e.g. questionnaires. We also advise on statistical analyses and offer courses for both new and experienced users.

CogLab coordinates the CBS participant database for empirical research where students and others can sign up to participate in empirical research and researchers can recruit participants for their experiments.

CogLab organised the latest Scandinavian Workshop on Applied Eye Tracking (SWAET) hosted by CBS. See more on the SWAET homepage.

Learn more about our facilities here or contact CogLab director Daniel Barratt.

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