About CBS

Evaluation of Education

CBS continuously monitors the quality of its study programmes and teaching. As part of ensuring the quality, students' experiences of the teaching and study programmes are continuously and systematically surveyed. In particular, CBS attaches great importance to the students' assessments in the overall evaluation of quality, which also includes the assessments of graduates, employers, and external examiners.

Graduate surveys

The graduates' assessment of CBS study programmes
At CBS, systematic graduate surveys are used to evaluate the relevance of graduate study programmes and the students’ experience of the acquired business competence. Every third year, a questionnaire is distributed to the last three years of graduates where they are asked about, for example:
•the employment situation and their way in to the labour market
•job-related issues
•the relationship between their graduate education and their job
•their assessment of the graduate study programmes

Learning Environment Assessments

Students' assessment of the educational environment
At CBS, a systematic survey of the students' experience of the educational environment is carried out. These surveys include such things as:
•the physical learning environment
•the psychological/social learning environment
•social responsibility and sustainability

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